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Kitchen Cabinets

Affordable Kitchen Cabinets In Sydney & Newcastle

Modern kitchen cabinets are not just storage facilities, but versatile, flexible and appealing focal points within the overall kitchen layout. We understand the critical role served by cabinets; hence, we put in extra effort on planning the most appropriate dimensions, design and placement of these fixtures.

Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes the latest innovations to deliver convenient, presentable and affordable kitchen cabinets.

• Innovative Kitchen Cabinets, Sydney

Accessing stored items can be a major challenge if you have the cumbersome, ubiquitous traditional door designs. This is why we incorporate the most user-friendly door innovations:

- We have a list of recommended manufacturers for soft closing doors and drawers.

- Handle-less cupboards: With this option, your entire cabinet installation will literally look like a paneled wall rather than a cupboard. All you need to do is gently tap the door for it to open – a true embodiment of streamlined and sleek finishing.

- Doors that fold out of the way can provide sufficient clearance in front of cupboards, especially in small, narrow kitchens.

• Flexible Storage Solutions

Gone are the days when you were limited to storing china and glassware on top shelves, while only utensils went into the drawers. Our expert designers understand how to install the best kitchen cabinets integrated with flexible storage solutions, such as pull-out drawers.

Such flexible storage solutions solve the often-disturbing issue of accessing stored items. Reaching through to the deepest recesses of drawers is safely convenient with pull out drawers, pull-out racks/ baskets and tiered shelf stands. These features offer easy reach of essential items, which is a highly valued aspect, particularly in the current digital age where we can get virtually anything at the click of a button.

We exploit every available space within your kitchen to incorporate some form of storage. This includes the kitchen island, which is especially useful for efficient space use in small kitchens. New corner shelf designs also allow maximum use of such restricted areas.

A selection of appliances can also be fitted into cabinetry, including refrigerators and dish washers. These help to reduce clutter within the kitchen. Combined with many other features, including wall-mounted knife magnets, saucepan holders, drawer dividers, dressers and other free-standing units, you can achieve the most efficient storage within your cooking space.

• Cabinet Features

An extensive evaluation of all the critical features of kitchen cabinets is necessary when selecting and installing cabinets:

- Various cabinet materials are selected based on durability, cost and aesthetic value. These include: solid wood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), thermo foil, plywood, particle boards, plastic laminate veneer and melamine.

- The color and aesthetic value of cabinets is a key consideration in selecting options that complement the intended design theme.

- Lighting: Convenient retrieval of stored items is not possible using only ceiling and wall-mounted lights. Hence, the Apollo Kitchens design team ensures that every nook and cranny of the cooking space is well-lit by including extra lighting sources such as under-cabinet lighting, as well as task lights.

• Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Our professional team of designers always considers your exact needs and personal tastes when planning cabinet installations.

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards in cabinet design, but also abide by the Livable Housing Design guidelines, which ensure safety and ease of use for all occupants within the home, including: people with disability or temporary injuries, aging Australians, as well as families with young children.

To ensure durable and strong installations, we employ expert craftsmanship during fitting of kitchen cabinets. Newcastle and Sydney residents can be assured of secure joints, use of proper materials and perfect finishes that give a presentable look to any kitchen.

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