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Kitchen Designs

Best Kitchen Designs In Newcastle & Sydney

Our multi award-winning team of design experts will help bring your dream kitchen into reality. We invite you to share with us your specific needs so that we can incorporate your vision in the overall layout.

Our portfolio of past projects includes some of the best kitchen designs. We also understand all the current trends and innovative ideas in kitchen design, making us fully capable of delivering layouts that will not only dazzle, but serve their intended purpose.

• Evolution Of Kitchen Designs, Newcastle & Sydney

In the past, kitchens were just obscure, dark dingy workrooms (before electricity and running water, they were not even separate rooms; but simply consisted of a hearth and a table used for both food preparation and dining).

The current sleek and attractive kitchen layouts are held up as fashion statements within the home. From the early 20th century, kitchen designs incorporated advanced technologies and innovative appliances. We also have the added luxury of much more storage spaces and bench tops for food preparation, apart from dining tables.

The old ‘masonite’ cupboards of the past have been replaced by faux timber doors. Traditional bench tops now have innovative bacterial resistant materials with multiple designs and flashy colors ranging from green and yellow to bright orange. Current layouts don’t just serve their purpose, but are also true works of art that reflect the home owner’s personal exquisite tastes.

• Different Types Of Kitchen Designs

We understand the wide variety of roles served by cooking spaces in modern homes; hence we apply various selections of beautiful kitchen designs to cater for such roles:

New innovations in appliances mean that extra fittings are required in cooking spaces. A sample of these include: microwaves, toasters, refrigerators, bread makers, blenders, juicers, mixers, among countless others. Our expert designers know exactly how to house such appliances seamlessly within cabinets, islands, open shelves, pull-out units, dressers and other fixtures.

All these appliances, features and fixtures are incorporated within suitable layouts, including: one-wall, L-shape, U-shape/ horseshoe, gallery/ parallel, island and peninsula.

• Personalized Kitchen Designs, Sydney & Newcastle

We always ensure that the design fits your personal tastes so that your kitchen becomes a place you enjoy to cook and eat in. Kitchen designs are also customized according to the specific circumstances of your home:

Our professional team of experts has competently designed cooking spaces for both small and big families, as well as large corporations. Each layout offers a highly functional, presentable and convenient fit of all essential components.

We will work closely with you to ensure timely delivery of the best design that suits you.

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