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Modern Kitchens

Beautiful And Luxurious Modern Kitchens In Newcastle & Sydney

We at Apollo Kitchens pride ourselves in developing state-of-the-art and affordable modern kitchens in commercial layouts, contemporary masterpieces and period homes. We understand the clear difference between modern and contemporary.

Every aspect of twenty-first century living is included in our modern kitchen designs, including: ergonomic layouts, easy-care surfaces, innovative storage solutions and the latest in energy saving appliances.

Beautiful Modern Kitchens

Kitchens in modern times are key focal points in trendy homes and upscale corporate environments. Meal preparation is no longer a secluded process, but a sociable occasion to share with guests and family during the food preparation process. We ensure that your design delivers on its promise to both dazzle and conveniently serve its purpose.

• Layouts Of Modern Kitchens

We now have the luxury of eating in informal setups within the kitchen, either on bar stools or at the table. This is far removed from the formal dining rooms of the 20th century. Such changes are also reflected in the choice of more showy and glitzy finishes, including white or darker walnut and mahogany, full overlay slab panel doors/ drawer fronts – a far cry from the overwrought, fussy-looking and hyper detailed cabinets of the past. Cabinets play a key role in such a setup, purposefully built to visually occupy up to 75 percent of the room.

Less visual clutter is the underlying theme in all modern layouts. Our expert designers ensure that you achieve this look with such features as inconspicuous finger pulls cut into the lips of panels or finger grabs on top of cabinet doors. The result is a sleek and streamlined design.

You can also take advantage of our new and innovative integrated appliance installations. These are designed to easily conceal even the most essential of kitchen appliances. Your unassuming kitchen would have dishwasher drawers that can carry small loads or under-counter refrigerators. Such appliances ensure that your kitchen remains highly functional, yet presentable.

• Innovative Lighting

The best modern kitchens possess unique lighting styles designed to illuminate every nook and cranny within the cooking space. Dark under-cupboard areas no longer exist; whereas automatic pantry lights help you find everything you need without fidgeting around for concealed items. We also fit your cook tops and sinks with special task lights for safe and easier food preparation. Of course, glitzy and showy pendant lights will add a bit of flair and touch of personality within your cooking/ dining area.

• Advanced Storage Solutions In Modern Kitchens, Sydney

We offer a reinvented set of storage solutions to offer much greater access and convenience than was ever possible in the past. Some of the innovations include:

Our professional team incorporates many other innovative features for greater convenience within your cooking area. Such features include: saucepan holders, drawer dividers, tiered pantry shelves, wall mounted knife magnets and refrigerator baskets, which easy access to every needed item.

New innovations in the design of utilities have also facilitated greater customization and installation of luxury modern kitchens. For instance, dishwashers can be placed within island benches or raised to easily accessible heights.

The rigid ‘work triangle’ (fridge, sink and stove) is no longer a rule when determining layouts for modern kitchens. Newcastle and Sydney residents can expect us to customize every kitchen based on their specific personal needs and preferences.