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Photo of West Pymble kitchen in Sydney built by Apollo Kitchens and incorporating strong spring tones for your kitchen renovation in Sydney

10 Tips to Plan Your Spring Kitchen Renovation in Sydney

Spring is a time we often associate with new beginnings, and it can be the perfect time to finally get your kitchen renovation in Sydney underway. 

With summer around the corner, getting your project underway in spring will ensure you can maximise the use of your new space in the warmer months.

We’ve compiled our top ten tips to help you successfully renovate your kitchen this spring. 

1. Set a budget

Possibly the most important part of any renovation, setting a budget first ensures that you have guidelines in place to inform the rest of your kitchen design decisions. 

Your budget should reflect whether your updates are just aesthetic or whether you’ll require more structural work; along with a buffer of 5-10% to account for any unseen disruptions or last-minute changes.

2. Plan a timeline

Your kitchen designer will be able to assist with refining your timeline down the track, but it’s important to have an indication of how long your kitchen renovation in Sydney will take at the outset. 

Again, this will be largely influenced by the scale of work required. Allow at least 8 weeks for surface-level updates, and upwards of 12 weeks for structural changes.

Take this into account when planning your social commitments and holidays over the summer months! 

3. Pick a style 

Once the administrative components of your project have been ticked off, it’s time to get into the creative part. Deciding on a design style for your new space will make it easier to choose between different materials, colour schemes and other aesthetic elements of the kitchen. 

Unsure where to start? Check out our blog on kitchen design styles and see which one appeals most to you. 

4. Plan your layout 

If your current kitchen has any pain points you want to address, use this time to plan a more functional layout. 

Perhaps you want to incorporate an island bench or reconfigure the placement of your appliances for a more streamlined workflow. 

Familiarise yourself with popular kitchen layouts for inspiration.

5. Choose your materials 

With the vision for your new kitchen slowly coming to life, it’s important to choose the right materials for your cupboards and benchtops to create a cohesive space. 

Refer back to your design style to help create a shortlist of options that will create the look you’re going for. Make sure you research and have an indication of the varying prices of your choices, to ensure they fit within your budget. 


Looking for more inspiration for your spring kitchen renovation in Sydney? Download our eBook, which covers key principles of design, layout and storage.


6. Consider storage 

A renovation isn’t just a good excuse to update your kitchen’s look and feel, but also its functionality. 

Take the opportunity to review your current storage situation and identify anything you’re lacking in this area. 

Your kitchen designer can then help you to come up with clever solutions that will maximise your available space.

7. Think about lighting 

An often-overlooked element of kitchen renovations in Sydney is the role of lighting. Gone are the days of one set of downlights overhead to illuminate your whole space; instead, look for ways to incorporate dynamic lighting that reflects the different uses of your space. 

For example, you may wish to incorporate strip lighting underneath your cabinetry and along your kickboards for a less harsh option while cooking; or you may like the look of statement pendants over your island to entertain. 

8. Work with a team of professionals

While it can be tempting to tackle your project yourself to save a few dollars, the money invested into a team of professional designers and contractors will more than likely pay for itself in the long run. 

Allow yourself time to enquire with multiple contractors, so you can get a feel for price ranges and whose ways of working suit you best. 

9. Visit a showroom

Another great way to see if a designer is right for your project is to see their work and speak with them first-hand at a showroom. 

This can also help to make some of your design decisions more tangible when you see them in person – you may realise you don’t like the look of a certain benchtop material with certain cabinetry colours, for example. 

We’d love to discuss your project at one of our showroom locations in Sydney, Western Sydney or the Central Coast.

10. Enjoy the process 

With the plethora of options when planning a kitchen renovation in Sydney, it can be easy to get caught up in the details and succumb to stress. 

Renovations are a big undertaking, but they are also an experience that allows you to lean into creativity and create a space you’ll love to spend time in for years to come. 

Offloading some of the project management and administration to a team of professionals can help to lighten your load and ensure you enjoy the process.

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