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2020 Trends to Watch: Appliances

Your kitchen renovation is never complete without appliances. Here, we look at the latest technologies to complement your kitchen design and enhance your lifestyle.


Smeg Thermoseal Pyrolytic Oven

Smeg’s Thermoseal technology ensures food is perfectly cooked every time, no matter what you’re preparing. Boasting precise temperature control, even heat distribution and even humidity control, this oven locks in moisture for succulent roasts and perfect baking. 

The pyrolytic function means this oven is also self-cleaning, so you can throw out your harmful oven cleaning products. Pyrolytic ovens heat themselves to temperatures up to 500 degrees, incinerating residue, so all you need to do is wipe the cavity down with a damp cloth for a complete clean. 


LG 910L InstaView French Door Fridge

Get more fridge space without clumsy doors taking up too much room. This French door fridge has enough storage space for the whole family with a 910 litre capacity. 

Among its many smart features, this fridge has glass finish that lets you see inside it with a simple double knock. And when your hands are too full to open the doors, you can put your foot under a sensor which opens them for you. 

You can even connect the fridge to your wifi and control the temperature remotely on your device. This LG also comes with a 3 star energy rating, anti-finger print stainless steel and its own filter tap and icemaker.


DeLonghi PrimaDonna Coffee Machine 

This intelligent coffee maker can make two espressos at the same time with just the touch of a button. It has milk foaming function if you prefer lattes, and even knows how to clean itself.

By downloading the Coffee Link App, you can customise your coffee aroma and quantity, control how finely to grind your beans and how hot you take your coffee. 

Made from stainless steel, the Prima Donna comes with a full colour display and soft touch interface.


Oliso SmartHub 

Sous vide is the latest style of cooking where you immerse food in water, vacuum seal it and cook it at a very precise temperature. With no moisture loss, food can be cooked to perfection and only needs a quick pan sear for crisping. 

With the Oliso SmartHub you can sous vide, culture yoghurt, slow-cook and make infusions or broths. It’s energy efficient, fast and easy to clean. Whether you love cooking or have a busy lifestyle, the Oliso SmartHub suits any kitchen design

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