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Increasing Your Home’s Value for 2020 with a New Kitchen

Thinking of selling in the next 12 months? A kitchen renovation could just be the thing that gets you over the line where house prices are concerned. Kitchens are most often the selling point of a home, with prospective buyers taking everything from size, storage and flow into account. Read on for our predictions of the key ways a new kitchen will add to your home’s value in 2020. 


Invest in open plan

Families looking for their next home are increasingly seeking houses with large, open kitchen designs with enough space where they can all congregate together, enjoy a meal and socialise. Open plan living has dominated interior architecture for years now, and it’s not looking to stop any time soon. If you’ve got the space, embrace the trend by incorporating key aspects like galley-style cabinetry and a large island bench that overlooks your living area. 


Storage sells

A well-thought and executed kitchen when it comes to storage is always going to fetch more at sale. Including features like a butler’s pantry, or custom joinery with smart solutions such as drawers makes your kitchen more functional, and ultimately more valuable.


Keep it efficient

Pay mind to the energy efficiency and sustainability of your new kitchen. Prospective owners will want to know their new home won’t cost them an arm and a leg (or the earth!) to run. Opting for appliances with high energy star ratings may cost you more on the outset, but it’ll also pay off when it comes time to sell. 


Sell the dream

Take into account the needs of any prospective buyers when designing your new kitchen – family size and lifestyle being the two most important factors. Spending $50k could fetch you a good return at sale, so maximising is definitely worth your while. Investing in elements such as higher-end in-built appliances and fittings will add value and position your home as a hub for entertaining or the home chef’s dream. 


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