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2021 Colour Trends to Inspire

The 2021 colour palette trend predictions have been announced and this means new kitchen colour palettes to explore and feel inspired by. Read on for ways you can incorporate these 2021 kitchen colour palette predictions into your new kitchen renovation.


Pale green

This year variants of green have been trending in modern kitchen schemes across the globe and it looks like the colour trend is here to stay. 

Incorporating pale shades of sage will elevate your kitchen, giving it a sense of refined charm. Alternatively, deep greens in your kitchen colour palette pair perfectly with older, federation-style homes. This is an increasingly popular choice as more kitchen owners embrace the country style designs that have dominated design trends of the past decade. 


Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is cheerful, inviting and subtle, so it’s no wonder this trend is one that’s not going away anytime soon. Due to its warm overtones, a pastel pink kitchen colour palette can turn any space from feeling clinical and staged to instantly welcoming for your guests. The colour will create an atmosphere to leave you feeling replenished and nurtured as you spend time in the room.   

Paint your kitchen walls pink and see how the mood in your kitchen is automatically lifted. Pastel pink, nude or rose coloured walls, when paired with neutral coloured joinery and appliances creates a striking contrast in the space. Experiment with industrial-style appliances in stainless steel finishes for a modern aesthetic.

If you are worried that pink will be too drastic of a change, play around with the idea of a pastel pink feature wall. Alternatively, opt for lower cabinets or an island bench in shades of pink, with contrasting stone work surfaces. This is a more subtle choice, and depending on the structure, is replaced relatively easily if you outgrow the colour. 


Coastal blue 

Coastal blue kitchen colour palettes are bright and airy. They bring the Hamptons kitchen beach vibes to your home, no matter where you are located in Sydney. Blue kitchen colour palettes are cool-toned and for a real beach, Hamptons style kitchen feel, range from shades of seafoam blue, white and deep turquoise. This kitchen colour palette is often used in holiday homes and kitchens overlooking the sea. When used in smaller spaces this kitchen colour palette can create a sense of calm and space to relax. 

Seaside blue kitchen colour palettes are often paired with wooden floorboards and aged wood accents, white tiles and walls. Pale ocean blue can also be used for splashbacks, with cool sea blue and teal blue tiles and sheet glass pairing gorgeously with white kitchen cabinets. 


Almond and Gold beige 

There is a reason this kitchen colour palette is seen in homes year after year. Almond is incredibly versatile, warm and timeless. 

Almond, beige, tan and golden brown make up a timeless kitchen colour palette that can pair with almost any other shade in the colour wheel. Use almond on kitchen wall trimmings and kitchen skirting boards for a subtle geometric look. Or get creative and use a golden beige kitchen colour palette for your kitchen walls and add in white trimmings for an inverted effect. 

Use shades of almond and gold oak on kitchen cabinets, trimmings and on floorboards for a timeless yet chic kitchen setting. 



Despite growing increasingly popular in fashion and home styling, rust and burnt orange shades are not often seen in the kitchen. That is set to change for 2021! There’s plenty of ways to incorporate this warm shade into your kitchen colour palette. For a country style kitchen vibe, incorporate a rust accent wall or deep orange splashback against warm-toned joinery. 

When orange is used in a kitchen with a lot of windows and natural sunlight, the result is a sense of home and comfort. For a pared-back look, opt for cabinetry in light colours like white, eggshell or light timber. 


Dark grey 

Not for the faint of heart but certainly not as daring as all black, a dark grey kitchen colour palette is dramatic, sophisticated and can make your space feel bigger. After a year of staying home, it’s no wonder this bold shade choice is set to trend in 2021. The key to using dark grey in the kitchen, if only updating certain aspects of your design, is to pair it with the same colour family as the rest of the kitchen colour palette. This will mean the changes you’ve made blend seamlessly with the existing features, promoting colour harmony

A dark grey kitchen colour palette can be calming and will create a space to unwind in every day. Dark grey can be used in cabinetry, marble and granite benches, on the walls or in furnishings. 


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