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Photo of home design on Apollo Kitchens project at Aqualuna in North Sydney

2022 Home & Kitchen Renovation Trends in Sydney to Watch

With 2022 on our doorstep, we’re turning our attention to the trends and design styles gaining popularity as we head into the new year.  

As we emerge from spending much of the last two years at home, we’re craving external input to inspire our environment. Seeing the colours, fixtures, finishes, textures and styles that others include in their homes has always been a popular part of planning a renovation. We’re also seeing homeowners draw their inspiration from a much broader range of sources, as we crave a space that’s uniquely ours as opposed to replicating a catalogue spread with mass-produced items. 

With years of Sydney kitchen renovations and custom joinery projects under our belts, we’ve always got an eye on upcoming design trends – here are a few of our top picks for trending interiors in 2022.


Earthy palettes 

Having spent so much time indoors, we’ve come to realise how draining a clinical, cold colour palette can be. The antidote to this? Bringing the outdoors in (quite literally) with a palette that takes inspiration from the natural world. 

The demand for earthy tones like warm terracottas, rich creams, vibrant mustards and hazy pinks has been on the rise, and we expect to see this palette continue to grow in popularity. 


Natural materials

The earth-inspired trend doesn’t just stop at paint colours – we’re also gravitating towards more depth and warmth in our materials, too. The light and ash-toned timbers that have dominated design trends are beginning to fall out of favour as homeowners embrace deep and dark joinery and flooring. 

If you’re not entirely sold on darker cupboards for your Sydney kitchen renovation, two-toned cabinetry is a great way to add depth to your space without fully committing to the palette. 

When styling, opt for furniture or homewares with a natural texture to create a dynamic and comfortable space. Boucle fabrics, tan leathers, lightweight linens, terrazzo or marble surfaces and chunky wool knits all contribute to a warm and welcoming atmosphere, exactly what we’re craving in our home sanctuary.


One-of-a-kind pieces 

We’ve truly embraced our home styling as a means of self-expression, and so in 2022, we’ll see homeowners ditching homewares from big-name brands in favour of the artisans and makers that matter to them. 

Stemming from our need to feel more connected, handmade pieces like ceramics and textiles offer a means of celebrating the work that went into their creation. 

Local markets or boutiques are a great place to pick up a unique addition to your home and to support local small businesses while you’re at it. 

We also want to create intentional spaces to put our treasures on display. Consider creating some open shelving with custom joinery to tick both your storage and showcasing needs.


Ornate finishes 

Similar to our desire for the unique when it comes to home design style, we’re also seeing the minimalist trend decline in favour of a maximalist approach. 

Taking inspiration from the vintage and the classical, 2022’s design trends will favour curated spaces filled with character in every element. 

From decorative handles to luxe window treatments and statement lighting, expect to see a return to design elements that catch the eye rather than blend into the space. 

This will also impact things like cabinet profiles for both cupboards and interior doors, with detailed panelling taking over from seamless, uninterrupted lines. 


Focus on dining 

A final trend to consider for 2022 is the return of the dining area as a focal space within the home. Having lost the dining table to working from home set-ups and transient storage, we’re keen to reclaim this space and return it to its former glory.  

If you’re considering a Sydney kitchen renovation next year, it could be the perfect time to update your dining area, too. Simple updates such as new seating and a statement light fixture can transform the look and feel of your space into one you’ll want to share with friends and family.


For a closer look at 2022 home design trends and how to incorporate them into your upcoming kitchen renovation, download our latest eBook. Filled with the top lighting, design and colour trends to watch, our eBook is the perfect place to start your planning journey.
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