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2022 Kitchen Design Trends to Watch

Whenever one year begins to draw to a close, we turn our attention to the next and start to predict the design trends that will be popular in our homes. 

2021 has highlighted an increased need for our homes to function as sanctuaries – we need to feel more comfortable at home now than we ever have before. 

The kitchen is no exception – with more time spent cooking and enjoying our kitchens, there’s been a renewed spotlight on this zone as one of the most important spaces in the home. Plus, with the property market surging, it’s important to consider what’s trending to make sure you’re appealing to current buyers’ tastes. 

From colours and materials to layouts and styling, here are the top kitchen design trends to watch in 2022. 


Grounded in nature 

As the pace of daily life has slowed in the last 18 months, we’ve seen a rise in interior spaces that evoke calmness and peace. As we’ve been more mindful of our wellbeing, we’ve gravitated towards colours and textures that have a grounding effect on our environment – and we expect this to only grow in 2022. 

In the kitchen, more natural colour palettes will continue to be popular with homeowners. Sage greens, earthy browns and reds, calming creams and lots of natural timber textures all evoke our natural surroundings and help to create that indoor-outdoor feel. Introduce into your cabinetry or as a statement wall – you can always start on a smaller scale and use your island bench for a sage green accent.

Other materials like concrete, terrazzo and marble will also be on-trend for their grounding properties. Introducing contrasting textures without drawing the eye, these finishes help to create a cohesive feel for your kitchen. Take on this trend with your benchtops, backsplashes or even flooring in the kitchen. 


Pared-back aesthetic 

While kitchen design trends have been heading towards maximalism, 2020 and 2021 have seen us craving minimal styling and uncluttered design. 

Integrated appliances will make a resurgence, with their clean lines and continuous joinery minimising visual distractions in the kitchen. 

Concealed shelving will also become more popular as we look to declutter our benchtops. Recessed shelves next to the stovetop, accessible storage at either end of the island bench, appliance hutches and butler’s pantries all help to conceal your everyday, high-use items without compromising on functionality. 


One space, many uses  

As the kitchen has become a central hub for families working and studying from home, it’s evolved to accommodate all of our changing needs for space. 

Adding in extra seating with bench space that doesn’t get in the way of food preparation creates another zone for things like kids doing homework, or finishing up emails while sitting with the family. 

This could also be adjacent to the kitchen, creating a dedicated study nook that also incorporates shelving (whether open or concealed with cabinetry) to create some extra storage, too. 

We’re also seeing increasing use of tech in kitchens, like USB ports and charging outlets to reflect that more of us are using devices in this space. 


Decorative panelling 

Two-toned cabinetry has been a persistent trend in recent years, but we’re now seeing contrasting wall treatments rise as the challenger to take its place. 

Shiplap or tongue and groove panelling can look just as great on your cupboard doors as it does for a feature wall. Adding depth and interest to your kitchen without overpowering the space, this trend reflects our gravitation towards all things minimal and calming. 


Whether you’re finally considering your dream kitchen renovation or looking to update your home before putting it on the market, our team of design experts can help you navigate the latest kitchen design trends and choose the right ones for your home. Get in touch with us to book a consultation. 
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