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Your Guide to the 3 Zones of Kitchen Storage

You probably think of kitchen storage all the time – where to put that new appliance you just bought, when you’ll have to purge your pots and pans to make more room, wishing you had an extra cupboard – the list goes on.

But if you’re renovating your kitchen and planning your storage from scratch, it can be harder to organise your drawers and kitchen cupboards and plan the storage layout to reflect your workflow – especially if this is likely to change from the way you use your current kitchen.

You may be surprised to learn that the storage in your kitchen can be broadly categorised into three zones – and these zones will help you to get the most out of your kitchen storage. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the three hubs of storage in the typical kitchen; what these areas are used for, and how to get the most out of them.


Zone 1: Fridge storage

For the food-minded among us, the fridge zone is one of the kitchen’s most central elements. Home to the kitchen’s major appliance, the fridge zone also usually consists of the pantry and some cabinetry.

When thinking about what we use this zone for, one regular activity is putting away groceries. When you come home and place your shopping bags down on the bench, the last thing you then want to do is trek back and forth across the kitchen to put things away. Vacant bench space adjacent to the fridge zone will make this process much more straightforward.

Next, you’ll access the fridge zone when preparing meals. Having this area as part of a ‘triangle’ close to both preparation space and the oven means that it’s easy to get your ingredients out, and accessible if you’re mid-cook and need to add to your dish on the fly.

The fridge zone can also be a great place to store cookbooks, to give you inspiration when looking in the fridge before dinner. Extend your kitchen cupboards or plan for a dedicated nook above the fridge for these to live.


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Zone 2: Sink storage

Used for both preparation and cleanup, the sink zone gets a lot of traffic in the kitchen. A central space between the fridge and cooktop zone, the sink should be home to your bins along with cleaning equipment and chemicals for easy access when you need it.

This is usually also the best home for your dishwasher, as it’s easy to transfer dishes from the sink or give things a rinse before stacking them in the appliance.

The sink zone is typically home to crockery, glassware and cutlery, with the space to lay these out on the bench in preparation for serving; as well as easy access from the dishwasher to put them away. 

If your sink location doesn’t have any kitchen cupboards nearby, you can get creative with storage – for example, installing hanging racks on a floating shelf above this area can be a good home for stemmed glasses.


Zone 3: Cooking storage

The cooking zone, home to your cooktop and oven, completes the workflow triangle. As this is where the action happens, anything related to cooking should generally live within this zone.

Cooling racks and serving dishes, along with cookware like pots and pans, should be within easy reach of your cooking area. Ensure you have ample kitchen cupboards both below and above the benchtop – if your cupboards will be deep, consider replacing them with drawers for easy access.

The cooking zone may also be a good home for your microwave, whether under the bench or concealed in cabinetry.


No matter the size and shape of your kitchen or the scope of your project, we can help you to create the kitchen of your dreams with ample storage that makes the best use of your space. For inspiration or to chat with our friendly design team, why not visit your closest Apollo Kitchens showroom? View our locations here.

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