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5 Kitchen Features that Make Summer Entertaining Easy

Warm weather here in Sydney is synonymous with summer entertaining season, with barbeques and dinner parties making frequent appearances on our social calendars.  

While the prospect of hosting friends and family over is an exciting one if your kitchen isn’t up to the task? Entertaining could end up being more exhausting. 

So if a renovation for your kitchen in Sydney is on the cards, it’s a good idea to think about the design elements that cater to entertaining. A well-designed kitchen will mean that you can enjoy your summers for years to come – here are our top five features for easy summer entertaining.


Bifold doors

The best entertainer’s kitchens blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. 

Installing bi-fold or French doors easily allow you to open up your kitchen to your outdoor area, creating one large entertaining space instead of two separate closed-off areas.

Guests can pop in and out of the kitchen as they need, and it’s easy to carry plates outside – a must for entertaining!

If your kitchen layout doesn’t allow for bifold doors, bifold windows along the bench or above your sink give you many of the same benefits. Opt for a wider window sill outside that can double as a bar bench, and place stools on the external wall.


Open plan design

No one likes a cramped kitchen – and we’ve never heard of guests making a kitchen feel bigger!  

If you’ve ever hosted people over, you’ll know that entertaining involves a lot of coming and going from the kitchen. An open layout is a must-have for your kitchen in Sydney. Kitchens with plenty of entry and exit points make it easy to come and go as you need to. 

Island benches are great for entertaining – your guests can sit and chat to you while you prepare or clean up, and it’s easy to run out plates of food as they’re ready.  

Another way to keep guests from getting under your feet? Place your fridge at the perimeter of your kitchen, so guests can help themselves to a drink without getting in the way.


Learn more about open-plan kitchens when you download our 2022 trends guide today.


Wine fridge 

On the topic of drinks, more serious entertainers may want to opt for a wine fridge to make sure your guests are never without a drink in hand. 

Pick a unit with controllable temperature zones, to keep your reds from getting too warm and to keep your whites at a nice refreshing temperature.


Ample storage 

If you use your kitchen in Sydney to entertain regularly throughout the summer, you’ll want to keep your servingware and crockery within easy reach. 

Utilising custom joinery, a built-in sideboard or buffet in your dining area can create a designated home for your servingware, freeing up valuable space in your kitchen for things you use on a daily basis while still being easily accessible.  

 Installing racks within your cabinets or underneath them can also make more room, as you can utilise the vertical space to hang stemmed glassware. 


A good dishwasher

Cleaning up may be the least enjoyable part of entertaining, but you can make it easier on yourself with high-quality appliances. 

Opt for a full-size dishwasher that can comfortably be loaded with all your pots, pans and plates. Putting everything straight in the dishwasher rather than letting dishes pile up in the sink means you can spend more time with your guests and less time washing up.  


If you’re an entertainer looking for a new kitchen in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place! Apollo Joinery Group has helped homeowners across Sydney and the Central Coast to create the entertainer’s kitchens of their dreams. Let us help you, too – get in touch with us to discuss your project and receive a no-obligation quote.

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