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5 Kitchen Jobs You Can Do at Home

While we spend more time indoors and winter approaches us, now is the perfect time to tackle your kitchen cleaning. Here are five things you can do whilst at home to make productive use of your time inside and improve the hygiene of your eating and living space. 


The Pantry 

You have most likely participated in the latest trend of stockpiling food and ingredients. From tomato sauce to cereal, do not worry — we are all guilty. Stockpiling your house with ingredients feels like the right thing to do until you no longer have any space left in your fridge and kitchen to store everything. Since we will be doing a lot more cooking and eating in our homes, it is a great time to prepare your pantry into well-organised compartments. 


Making room for the new is the theme of this job. Take a deep dive into the back of the cupboard. You will be surprised how many things have been pushed to the side and gone off their used by date. 


We all know how messy half-opened packets can get. Decanting your ingredients and cereals will keep them fresh and make accessing them easier. You can also save space by pouring cereal, grains, and sugar into Tupperware containers. Clear jars are also a great way to store similar ingredients so you can easily identify which one you are reaching for. While you are organising the contents, do not forget to give the shelves a good wipe down. 


Deep clean surfaces 

You might be getting more adventurous with your meals, however, during this time, we are all more hygiene concerned than ever. Regular kitchen cleaning will bring you peace of mind. This makes sense to ensure the entire kitchen and eating spaces are cleansed of germs, residue, and dust. Make sure you address all of the frequently used surfaces such as fridge and cupboard handles, door handles, coffee tables, light switches, and sink handles. Once you have used your cleaning product of choice, disinfect the same surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectant. Find out which kitchen surfaces are germ-free. 



It is easy for things to get a little more messy than usual when we are spending more time frequenting the house. Think of this time as the perfect chance to take on a spring clean a few seasons earlier. Go through your drawers and throw away anything that does not serve a purpose anymore. Your bench or dining table might have become your new home office. Assess what needs to be on the table. Remove what doesn’t need to take up space in the area you will notice your kitchen’s sense of harmony change. This will also maximise space in the kitchen, something we need more now than ever before. After all, a clean home is a clean mind. 


A fresh coat of paint 

Kitchen cleaning does not just have to be done with cleaning products. Now is a great time to give your walls, kitchen cabinets and cornices a fresh coat of paint. Choose a colour or two of paint and order it online from your local hardware store if you want to avoid going outside. This will be a fun project to complete during quarantine and should only take you a few hours. You can also make changes to the environment you spend so much time in with new light fittings. 


Make memories

Done your deep kitchen clean from start to finish? You can now make lasting memories with your family and friends by solving puzzles, playing board games and watching a new Netflix series together. 


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