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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Butler’s Pantry

Whether you’re planning your new kitchen renovation design or making extensions, space in the kitchen is something you can never quite get enough of. With an updated butler’s pantry, the way you operate in the kitchen will be forever changed. Here are five kitchen cabinet design ideas to inspire your upgrade to a butler’s pantry


1. You’ll never run out of storage 

One of the many reasons individuals choose to change their custom kitchen cabinet design is due to lack of storage. Whether you’re a big cook or not, a butler’s pantry will allow you to store your unused appliances such as pots and pans and extra serving ware. With the extra kitchen storage, you’ll be able to store bulk bought food and drink and keep things in place where they belong. 

If you’re planning your new butler’s kitchen design — consider including a deep sink and small dishwasher and open-plan shelving which is easily accessible. The idea is to maximise the amount of space you have for storage. 

Depending on the size you have to play with, you can include floor to ceiling storage with open shelves that are accessible by a movable ladder or step system. Don’t waste any space! 


2. Extra bench space 

Like storage, you can never have enough bench space. A butler’s pantry will allow you to branch out across the kitchen during food preparation. This can be essential for those who have a large family, or like to entertain and cook for guests, as the extra bench space in the butler’s pantry design will allow you to set up plates, dishes and drinks before the meal is ready to be served. 

If you’re designing a new butler’s pantry with bench space — don’t forget adding in lots of powerpoints! Include double powerpoints low at ground level for a drink fridge, and at bench height for appliances. 


3. Added privacy 

Kitchens are spaces for socialising in. Have you ever had guests over and needed to hide the extra mess in the kitchen during preparation or just don’t have time to wash up ahead of visitors? Sometimes you just don’t want your items all on view. A butler’s pantry allows you to store away the things you don’t want on view. 

You might like a doorless butler’s pantry to keep things open-plan, however, including a sliding door will allow you to close off any mess from your guests’ view whilst keeping access easy for any occasion. 


4. Light 

A butler’s pantry is a great excuse to increase the light within the room. Add a skylight or a few windows and to amplify the natural light in the space, as it penetrates through the kitchen and entertaining areas. If natural light isn’t an option, drop downlights are essential for both task lighting and identifying products. 


5. Small or big — it will work 

Thinking that because your kitchen is too small, you can’t have a butler’s pantry? This isn’t true. Pantries as we know them are deep. However, this often means that you cannot reach far back to get what you need and less-used products are often forgotten about. 

A good kitchen designer will know how to make kitchen renovation changes to maximise space in any kitchen. This means your regular pantry could be converted into a step in mini butler’s pantry


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