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Beyond Basics: 5 Ways to Tell a Personal Story in your Kitchen

When you’re redesigning your kitchen, it’s important to inject your own personal style into the mix. Gathering inspiration from style experts and design projects is a must, but what will truly make your kitchen your own is if you mix in quirky or personal elements, or pieces that tell significant stories.

Of course, you can always browse blogs and magazines for inspiration but use them as a launch pad for your signature kitchen canvas. Making your kitchen your own – and not a carbon copy of the latest trends – is what will make you thrilled to come home each day.

But where do you start? At Apollo Kitchens, we’re all about mixing major trends with personal elements, so we have five top tips to share.


Revisit your personal history

You could delve into your own personal history for inspiration when it comes to reinvigorating your space. While you might not have your childhood toys out on display, you could include pieces that remind you of your semester abroad, your wedding day, or another significant moment in your life.

Some other ways to display your personal history? Create a shelf for your well-thumbed cookbooks or hang frame and hang your children’s artwork.


Scour craft markets

Craft and makers markets are bursting with creativity, and you can source unique products from local makers who have their own stories to tell. From sculpted ceramic vases and interesting artworks to hand-stitched cushions and curtains, you can find everything you need at artists’ markets. And the best thing is, because they’re produced in small batches, your kitchen won’t be telling the same story as thousands of others like it.


Finding and integrating unique pieces is an easy way to create a personal theme


Get inspired by your existing home

Sometimes inspiration is right at your fingertips. Do you have a room in your home that you love to enter? Take a close look at this room and work out why it evokes positive feelings and try to replicate this in your kitchen. Is it the colour scheme, the artwork or the simplicity you like? Perhaps you like the precise way you arranged your furniture or the haphazard flatlay on your coffee table? Take tips from your other spaces and use them in your kitchen.


Look for unique or original art that ignites emotions

Original art pieces or signed-and-numbered limited edition artworks are great for adding personality into your space, as you can be sure very few people have the same art as you. Make sure you choose art that you connect with emotionally, and don’t settle for pieces that simply match the colours in your space.


Stamp your passport

Travel opens up a world of possibility for expanding your mind, your social circle – and your home’s decor. When you travel, search for souvenirs that are more unique than an average snowglobe. Go off the beaten track and visit markets, studios and ateliers where local makers craft, paint and design gorgeous goods that showcase their hometowns.


Drawing from other cultures is a great way to inform your style

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