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6 Kitchen Design Tips to Inspire Your Renovation

Do you want to renovate your kitchen in the next three months but don’t know where to begin?

Before you can start planning the upgrade, you must first complete a few key tasks. Before beginning your kitchen renovation, you should decide on an overall design theme and colour palette.

Use these 6 remodelling pieces of advice for the kitchen to create a room that is convenient for working in and pleasant to live in.

1. Learn the colour wheel

Maintaining a positive energy in the space requires a kitchen design with a harmonious colour scheme. Looking at a colour wheel is a great way to choose a colour scheme for your kitchen renovation.

Although it can’t be used for everything, a colour wheel is a fundamental tool in a designer’s toolbox and is a useful way to find colour inspiration. It could also be used to create your basic colour scheme.

There are a couple of ways to use it:

  • Pick a colour from one side of the wheel as your dominant design shade, then pick two more from the opposite side of the wheel
  • Pick one colour as a starting point and choose the two colours sitting on either side of it to provide accents
  • Choose two colours that are directly opposite each other

2. Decide on your layout before anything else

The layout of your kitchen renovation will be influenced by a number of factors, including the size of your home, whether you have the money to knock down walls and completely remodel the kitchen, and the time frame for your renovation.

Before you start buying important components for your kitchen, such as cabinetry and appliances, it’s crucial that you choose a layout.

Your kitchen’s functionality will be significantly influenced by its layout. Think about how you’ll use your kitchen when making plans. If it’s just for cooking, a galley kitchen might be the most appropriate.

A one-wall open-plan kitchen might be more appropriate if you intend to cook in it and host guests.

Take the time to research and carefully plan your layout before moving on to any other aspects of your kitchen design to ensure maximum efficacy.  

3. Have a kitchen ‘hero’

A good way to choose a more general design theme for your kitchen is to select a hero piece or focal point for the room.

Use this as the defining piece and select everything else to complement it if you know right away that you love the idea of a solid marble island bench or a coloured SMEG refrigerator.

4. Don't wait until the last minute to choose your splashback

It is crucial to think about your kitchen splashback early on in the article because it will ultimately be a very basic kitchen design element.

Recent developments in kitchen design have demonstrated the versatility of ornamental splashbacks, such as those made of pressed metal or mirrored surfaces. A classic option, subway tiles go well with many different types of design.

The height of the splashback should also be taken into account; will it be short, tall, or completely cover the wall?

5. Take into account what you already have

An excellent time to go through everything you currently have and do a major purge is when you are remodelling your kitchen. However, you wouldn’t have purchased the majority of the kitchen utensils and appliances if they weren’t needed.

Don’t just choose a “one size fits all” approach when planning how much storage you’ll need and designing your cabinetry. After all, this is your kitchen.

Make it your own to suit your needs. You’ll be grateful for shelves with enough room for your slow cooker or air fryer and deep drawers for woks and frying pans. It is best to complete this task early on in the project so that you can control the cost of your kitchen renovation.

6. Shortlist your favourite design styles

Do you prefer federation style or modern contemporary kitchens? Maybe you prefer a style that combines the old and the new.

It’s crucial to make this decision early on to prevent confusion or delays later on. Make a list of a few styles you like, then assess the rest of the space to determine which ones blend best with what you already have. This will guarantee continuity in the home’s design.

There are countless design options. Review these key design categories as you brainstorm designs for your renovation project:

  • Classic Kitchen
  • Contemporary Kitchen
  • Mid-Century Modern Kitchen
  • Modern Country Kitchen
  • Scandinavian Kitchen
  • Coastal Style Kitchen
  • Shaker Style Kitchen
  • Industrial Kitchen

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