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6 Tips for Creating an Entertainer’s Kitchen

As we get back into the swing of things for 2021, there’s no doubt entertaining, even if just for a few people, will be a top priority. For that, you’ll want a kitchen that’s up to the task. Whether you’re hosting an informal family get-together or a classy feast with friends, your kitchen needs to be practical, stylish and functional. Here are six tips to keep in mind during a kitchen renovation, based on what homeowners are wanting for their kitchens in Sydney.


1. Laid-back layouts

The ideal entertainer’s kitchen should allow you to move around easily while conversing, without leaving your guests in the lurch. If you have the space, your perfect kitchen layout will create a functional work triangle between sink, fridge and countertop. 

If budget and space permit, open layouts that combine the kitchen and dining areas are perfect for entertaining. An open kitchen and living layout allow for fluid movement between spaces, and when entertaining, means you can still interact with guests whilst preparing food.

Island benches are extremely popular because of how functional they are. But they’re also ideal for entertainers because they allow you and your guests to gather around a shared focal point. At the island bench, you can prep, sit and serve.


2. Stunning surfaces

Don’t miss an opportunity to show off while you’re chopping vegetables and sipping on wine. With a luxury countertop, you can make even instant noodles feel like a special event.

Natural stone materials are great for entertaining as they are hard-wearing and relatively easy to maintain. They’ll also look pretty impressive to your guests.

Granite and marble are great countertop options if you want something that’s durable and high quality. For an inspiring alternative, try polished stone or exotic quartz. Or if you really want to go all out, incorporate semi-precious stones like amethyst and tiger’s eye into your countertops.


3. Kitchen bling

Jazz up your kitchen hardware with fancy metals. With kitchen bling, you can impress your guests and make entertaining fun. For a look of laid-back luxury, pair natural stone features with metal accents. Brushed gold pulls and brass handles are on-trend, while silver and matte black are timeless touches for kitchen renovations.

You could also shop for handmade kitchen hardware and accessories, which will make your space a truly unique place to dine.


4. Pantry space

A butler’s pantry was traditionally a space between the kitchen and dining area, where the butler can prepare and clean up food, away from the guests. In a modern kitchen design, a butler’s pantry is a part of your kitchen joinery that serves a similar function. It gives you additional kitchen cupboards and storage space, so you can stash away the mess until it’s time to do the clean-up.

Inclusion of a butler’s pantry is great for the everyday entertainer as it provides ample bench space for preparing food and hiding away bulky appliances like stand mixers and slow cookers. If you have an open kitchen and dining area, a butler’s pantry also means your main kitchen remains sparkling clean when your guests arrive.


5. Convenient appliances

Entertainers need high quality appliances that are stylish and easy to access. For this reason, you might like to get built-in, as opposed to stand-alone appliances. Built-in or integrated appliances are incorporated into your custom cabinetry for a seamless and neat-looking kitchen.

Avoid crawling into your cabinets whenever you need to grab smaller appliances. Get your coffee machine, toaster and blender built into your kitchen design. Every entertainer also needs a fridge with an ice machine. 


6. Entertainers lighting

The perfect kitchen design for entertaining should have fantastic lighting. Use statement lighting to create a relaxed mood or to highlight a focal point while preparing or serving food. A row of pendant lights above your kitchen island, or a statement shade hanging above your dining table will work to both create mood lighting and heighten the look and feel of your home. 

An entertainer’s kitchen will need dimmable down lighting for visibility, as well as dramatic and visually interesting lighting arrangements to generate interest and appeal.


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