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A Decade in Kitchen Design

As we welcome in 2020, let’s take a look back at some of the past decade’s kitchen design trends. If you’re currently working on your kitchen renovation, observe how some styles come and go, while other trends tend to last.


2010 – All white everything

All-white kitchens were trending earlier this decade, as kitchen design moved from traditional to modern.


2011 – Function over style

Following the global stock markets crash, many people did practical rather than ornamental kitchen renovation. We saw a lot of clever microwave placements and fewer marble countertops.


2012 – High tech appliances

Compared to the kitchens of the early 2000s, 2012 saw a whole lot more LED lighting, energy saving appliances, and nifty electric cooktops.


2013 – Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens were well and truly in by 2013, with wide open spaces, island benches, straight lines and clean designs.


2014 – Clever cabinetry

Kitchen joinery became more functional than ever, with hidden storage and pull out racks, drawers with built-in dividers, and inserts for hanging pots and pans.


2015 – Colourful kitchen sinks

From tinted stainless steel to Kohler’s colourful sink collection, 2015 saw a whole lot of colourful taps and basins.


2016 – Transitional kitchen

The transitional design draws from styles of the past but refreshes them with contemporary features.


2017 – Quartz and granite benchtops

This was the year to splash out, with glitzy quartz and granite benchtops dominating the scene.


2018 – Blue and green

If you thought blue and green should never be seen, then this kitchen joinery trend will change your mind. Blue and green cabinets were in in 2018.


2019 – Moody hues

This stylish trend involves a lot of dark colours, from black cabinetry to dramatic paint jobs and matte finished hardware.  


2020 – Colourful kitchen designs

Bouncing off last year’s trends, this year we expect to see a lot of vibrant tiles, busy curtains, playful patterns and intrepid tones.


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