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Al Fresco Dining: Your Guide Just in Time for Summer

With the weather heating up, we’re spending more and more time outdoors – and nothing says summer more than a languid outdoor dining experience.

While away each long, warm evening this summer with a spot of al fresco dining. In this blog, the team at Apollo Kitchens have put together their top tips for dining outdoors so you can enjoy the best of those summer nights.

Serve a range of options

Rather than serve one big meal to everyone at the table, lay a buffet of a few smaller options along the table and let everyone dive in and help themselves. Not only does buffet-style dining look beautiful, but it’s also a versatile way of eating: you could lay out a cheese or charcuterie board, a platter of falafel, hummus and tabouli, antipasti or even a build-your-own homemade pizza or burger bar.

A home buffet has the added benefit of being good for all your guests. Everyone’s dietary preferences differ, and having a range of options spread out on the table like this ensures your guests will be able to find something to fill them.

Drink up

Have a range of beverages on hand for every guest. Cold beers, ciders and white wines are summer staples, and you can mix a selection of refreshing cocktails with basic spirits. Make plenty of ice a few days before your event – or keep some cubes in your freezer all summer, so a cool drink is always just a few moments away.


Bring the inside out

Cooking outside can be limited, and often outdoor eating is defined by a barbeque – and not much else. Utilise the equipment and layout of your home’s kitchen and cook inside before transporting everything into the garden. You’ll have a better time as you’re able to navigate around your familiar space with ease and you’ll be a lot more efficient at cooking – leaving a lot more time for fun!

Set the mood

Depending on the occasion, you’ll want to set just the right mood in your outdoor space. Use specific lighting, table decorations, servingware and music to make your guests feel right at home.

The design of your outdoor eating area could be an extension of your kitchen inside. If you love modern minimalism inside the home, find a few streamlined lanterns to string up. If you prefer a more traditional cottage style, go for painted props, bench seating and classic crockery. And, no matter what your style, a few potted plants never go astray, especially if you’re dining on a balcony.

Whether you’re having a casual lunch outside with friends, or you’re hosting your festive celebrations outdoors, al fresco dining is always a good idea. If you have a carefully designed kitchen from Apollo Kitchens, you can make the transition between indoors and outdoors even simpler so you don’t miss a moment of the coveted summer months.

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