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Best Brand New Kitchens in Sydney & Newcastle

Our custom kitchens will look perfect in your home

We take pride in designing the most practical and enchanting new kitchens. Sydney and Newcastle residents can attest to our proven track record of professional service.

While installing kitchens, we manage every detail of the project so you have the least inconvenience. Just sit back and enjoy the sight of your kitchen come to life. Most of all, we provide kitchen installation solutions customised to your personal needs and tastes – a ‘one size fits all’ solution has never been our motto.

Whether you are extending a new home, fitting out commercial premises or building a new residence, we will deliver top-notch services.

Intricate Design

Design is not just about fanciful placement of fixtures and appliance. We follow some of the highest industry-based standards in designing high utility, convenient and luxurious kitchen layouts.

Our expert team of professionals is experienced in all forms of layouts and zoning. Some of the layouts we incorporate in brand new kitchens include: one-wall, u-shape/ horseshoe, L-shape, island, gallery/ parallel and peninsula. We will also incorporate the most convenient zoning (includes washing, storage and cooking zones) to ensure proper lighting and ventilation, door clearance, clearance between units and safety.

We have specialist designers who understand appropriate designs for young families, mature families, singles, corporate kitchens and commercial establishments. You can also expect proper placement of fixtures and appliances for the best utility based on how frequently you use various appliances.

The final products are always comfortable, convenient and easy to clean cooking/ dining spaces.

High Quality Appliances

All basic appliances are seamlessly incorporated into kitchen layouts to create the best new kitchens. These include: kettles, toasters, microwaves, refrigerators, cook tops and ovens. Upon request, extra gadgets will be added for greater convenience, including: coffee machines, bread makers, fryers, food processors, blenders, mixers, juicers, slow cookers, steamers and smoothie makers.

The choice of particular models depends on dimensions of kitchen fittings, so as to give a seamless fit. Each appliance also complements the overall theme in your design layout. We always recommend appliances with the highest Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme rating.

Features and Fixtures

We possess extensive knowledge and expertise in installation of all manner of features and fixtures. These mostly include storage facilities, such as open shelves, islands, pull-out units, hooks, corner storage racks, floor-to-ceiling cupboards, dressers and other freestanding units. Some extras also include wine racks and plate racks.

All fixtures are appropriately suited to the dimensions of your kitchen. The choice of materials for cabinetry and bench tops is also designed to accentuate the overall layout. A wide selection of materials is available, including: natural or synthetic stone, laminates and stainless steel. You also have the option of varying colours and sizes to create the perfect finish in contemporary, modern or classic styles.

Our extensive options are guaranteed to deliver the best fittings for a wide variety of styles and layouts.

Specialist Tradesmen

Apart from incorporating the highest quality of features, fixtures and appliances, we also use certified and highly qualified tradesmen. Our skilled team of tradespeople constructs drawers and cupboards onsite and installs them professionally.

No aspect is too small or too big – we put in our best effort in every detail.

How Much Do New Kitchens Cost?

The cost of new kitchens is flexible and varies according to kitchen sizes and extent of design installations. Costs vary depending on design complexity, fixtures and features, materials used, appliances selected, as well as trade components.

However, you can expect an amount that is approximately 10% of overall house value. Materials constitute approximately 46% of total cost, while labour costs make up around a third of the total cost. We also ensure that all local council fees, levies and permits are catered for.

We cater to every detail and are flexible enough to accommodate special requests during kitchen installation. Newcastle and Sydney residents can expect the highest professional service from us, whether for a kitchen design, commercial kitchen or a renovation.

Contact us for more information on your new kitchens

Call 1300 90 80 90 or email sales@apollokitchens.com.au. We are here for residents of Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

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