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Beyond the Kitchen: How New Joinery Can Update the Whole Home

As experts in updating kitchen designs in Sydney, we have transformed many spaces by installing custom joinery solutions. 

But kitchens aren’t the only room in the house that can benefit from new cabinetry – our bespoke joinery made in Sydney can help to improve the functionality, storage and design across many different areas of the home. 

Here are five rooms in the home with great uses for joinery that you may not have considered.


1. The laundry 

Outside of the actual activities, you perform in each space, kitchens and laundries have more in common than you may initially realise. 

They both feature large appliances, a sink, and need lots of functional storage. And if your laundry currently isn’t ticking that last box, then custom joinery could be a great solution to get more use out of the space. 

Depending on your laundry’s size, you can take advantage of solutions like pull-out cupboards or corner systems to make the most of your storage. 

You can also play around with open shelving above your sink space so that your every-day items are always within easy reach. Visiting kitchen showrooms in Sydney can help you get an idea of what cabinetry options you could incorporate.


2. The wardrobe 

If you’re forever pushing around clothes on their racks looking for that particular outfit or find yourself with more shoes than you know what to do with, a wardrobe joinery refresh could be just what you need. 

Wardrobes are deeply personal spaces, and chances are that the one-size-fits-all design doesn’t reflect how you actually store your clothes. 

Tailoring your wardrobe with bespoke joinery in Sydney is much more straightforward than you might think. Whether you’ve got a walk-in, a built-in, or no wardrobe at all, we can help to design a solution that meets your needs. 

Don’t forget about the impact that elements like lighting can have on these spaces, too. 


3. The bathroom 

The bathroom tends to be another room in the home where the available storage often doesn’t align with how it’s used. 

Elements like floating sinks can look great but compromise the places to store toiletries, towels and cleaning supplies. Even smaller choices like how the sink is mounted on the vanity can have big implications on the functionality of the bathroom.

Custom joinery can ensure you’re using every inch of the space. Smaller bathrooms can benefit from solutions like shallower cabinets where everything’s visible, meaning you don’t lose products to the back of the cupboard. 


4. The study 

After a year of working from home, chances are that you came to realise some of the limitations of your current home office space. 

With flexible working arrangements on the rise, it’s a great time to consider how investing in custom joinery could improve your workday while at home. 

If you have ended up repurposing the kitchen bench or dining room table as your desk, you could also look for any wall space that could be transformed into a study nook. A small bench area paired with shallow drawers and vertical shelving can create a new productive zone in your home without taking up too much space on your floorplan. 


5. The lounge room 

Our couches also got a lot of use during the additional time spent at home – and these living areas should be somewhere that you and your family love to spend time in. 

Storage units, custom TV cabinetry, wall shelving and even a home bar set up can all be easily achieved with custom joinery and can add lots of value to your space. 


If you want to get an idea of the different bespoke joinery solutions we can create for your home, visit one of our kitchen showrooms in Sydney and chat with one of our designers.


In the meantime, why not check out our eBook for renovation inspiration?
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