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Affordable Options for Renovating Your Sydney Kitchen

Given how much we use our kitchens on a daily basis, it’s usually the first area of the home that we want to renovate. A kitchen that’s dated, or too small, or whose layout doesn’t work with how you like to cook isn’t one you’ll want to continue using long-term. 

A kitchen renovation not only allows you to address these issues, but can also add value to your home should you wish to sell later. 

While a kitchen renovation adds value, it also comes with costs that need to be planned and saved for. Poorly planned projects can blow out their budgets quickly, as unexpected obstacles like delays, sourcing issues and surprises in the home itself rack up costs. 

Avoid these headaches with our tips for kitchen budgeting – keep reading to learn how you can make your project more affordable, without compromising on quality. 


Identify needs vs. wants

Your new kitchen wishlist is likely full of upgrades and new features, but discerning between those you need and the nice-to-haves will help you to keep costs down. 

More costly elements for a renovation include new appliances, high-end materials and joinery work. While new cabinetry can improve the functionality of your kitchen and will last for years with proper care, you are less likely to need an engineered stone benchtop if cost is a consideration. 

Another consideration at this stage is which elements can be updated down the track without major renovation work. Appliances are quite easy to swap out (even with a lot of integration options), whereas it will be more disruptive to refloor the kitchen later.

Working out what you really want to achieve from your renovation will help you to not only set but stick to your kitchen budgeting plan. 


Know where to add quality materials

The bad news is that gorgeous quartz benchtops can come with a high price tag. The good news is that there are more options than ever to achieve a similar look on a budget. 

A laminate benchtop is becoming one of the most popular choices for new kitchens, thanks to its durability, diverse range of styles, and of course, its lower price point. This is a great area to save money on your project. 

Cabinet fronts can also be made from laminate, and these are a relatively easy element to swap out down the track should you wish to change their appearance. 

The cabinet internals, however, are an element that you need to stand the test of time. It’s worth working with a kitchen joinery company to design and install your cabinetry so you can have confidence that these will stand the test of time.

Exterior door and drawer hardware is another area to save on kitchen budgeting. You can find savings from online wholesalers, or ask your kitchen supplier for recommendations on where to pick up cheaper handles. Inside your cupboards, however, don’t cut costs on the hinges – there’s nothing worse than a door that keeps falling off. 


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Get expert advice in the planning phase

If you are coordinating your renovation yourself, spend a little extra time in the early stages speaking with expert tradespeople and kitchen suppliers. 

Visiting showrooms or getting a few in-home consultations and quotes don’t just help with your kitchen budgeting in terms of costs – they can also yield invaluable advice that will save you in the long run. 

Whether it’s specific council regulations in your area, issues with old materials in similar homes on your street, incompatible or competing design elements, or even just a connection for a good plumber, this advice will help you move forward with confidence. 


Reduce variations during the project 

A surefire way to blow out your renovation costs is to add new elements or change your mind halfway through. 

A failure to properly plan your renovation can be a costly mistake down the track, so it’s important to be confident in your decisions and kitchen budgeting before moving forward. 

Don’t be afraid to delay starting your renovation until you are completely happy with the plan. Visiting the showroom one more time, getting one additional quote or drawing up an alternative plan may push back your start date by a few weeks, but won’t have anywhere near the financial consequences of having second thoughts halfway through. 

Working with a project manager can help to keep you accountable throughout the renovation, too. Make sure you’re in regular contact, and brace yourself for any unexpected hiccups – remember, you’ve budgeted for these! 


Need help planning your Sydney renovation within a budget? The Apollo Kitchens team is here to help. Contact us to arrange an obligation-free consultation, or visit a showroom to speak with a designer.

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