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Calming Spring Colour Palettes

The shades inside our environment can affect our stress levels in positive and negative ways as our bodies react differently to seeing certain colours. Spring is synonymous with new beginnings and rebirth. Your house might benefit from adopting a new calming colour palette. If you were considering making changes to your kitchen colour palette, Spring is the perfect season to embark on this project. 

Read on to see which five shades promote calm environments and how to style these colours within your Sydney kitchen this Spring. 


Cornflower blue

Studies have found that blue is the most soothing colour and that it produces chemicals in the human body that promote a sense of calm. This might be the reason cornflower blue is often used in hospitals, babies’ rooms and, increasingly, in Sydney kitchens. Cornflower blue generates a feeling of tranquillity and peace. Softer blues with undertones of white can also enhance the room in a way that it feels more spacious. 


Variants of green 

Green is refreshing and symbolises nature and the outdoors. Forest green is making its way back into modern kitchen designs, however, for a more subdued look, and a calming effect, try shades of sage or mint green, which can be soothing. 


Green walls have a calming effect and can be used throughout the house in many ways. Pale greens work well with earthy and warm tones inside the kitchen and of course pair perfectly with the indoor plants in your home which also help to promote good energy and a sense of calm. 


Grey undertones 

Colours with a grey undertone such as teal, violet and sky blue all have an ultra calming effect on our bodies and minds. These tones also pair well with white, brown and cream and are appearing more and more in homewares trends due to their ability to promote a calm environment within the home and your Sydney kitchen


Off white 

If you’re scared to dabble with any of the above-mentioned colours, try a creamy off-white. Warmer tones of white will promote calmness within the house compared to stark and cool whites which are often used in clinical environments and can create cold environments. Beige and tan toned colours are also calming. Play around with warm white shades to suit the mood and environment within your home. 


Baby pink 

Soft pink is associated with baby animals and children and is often used in nurseries due to its calming properties. Peach and soft pink shades are gaining popularity in home design, thanks to their calming presence and ability to pair well with tonal shades of oak as well as clean whites. Go for soft, light shades of pink, and avoid darker shades like magenta which can create a feeling of overstimulation and noise within the room. If pink is not your favourite colour, try rose coloured accessories such as candles or planters to add some vibrancy.


Colours to avoid

Avoid bright red, dark orange and bright yellow, which are often associated with emergency and disaster. Also steer away from earthy tones with warm undertones such as terracotta which has the potential to make your space feel significantly smaller. 


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