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Making the decision to renovate your kitchen can sometimes be an easy one. The current layout doesn’t work for you; the style has become dated over time; you need some extra space; or you want to make an investment in the future value of your home. Where it becomes more complicated, however, is deciding what style your new kitchen will embody. While this can be a tough decision to make, it’s a crucial element to lock down before moving any further in the renovation process. A clear end vision will make it much easier to be decisive on the multiple options and choices you’ll encounter as you go. With this in mind, we’ve put together some of our favourite modern kitchen designs to spark your renovation plans. Whether you prefer a modern interpretation of timeless charm; ultra-sleek and industrial; or a Scandinavian-inspired space - we’ve rounded up a

If you’re not happy with your kitchen, it’s easy to point the finger at the design - however in many cases, it’s a combination of smaller decorating factors contributing to the bigger issue. Fixing these common decoration mistakes could be the key to unlocking a brand new feel in your tired kitchen. Sometimes transformation can be achieved with a few impactful changes, rather than a full-scale renovation. Here are the decor mistakes to be on the lookout for in your own kitchen - and how to reverse them to uncover a kitchen you’ll love to spend time in. Mistake #1 - Not keeping your kitchen consistent with the rest of the house While there’s definitely freedom to create a unique style in your kitchen, it will stick out - and not in a good way - if it’s distinctly different from other spaces in the house. Following the lead

As the importance of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices continues to grow, the construction industry is no exception. Developers and homeowners alike are becoming more aware of the implications that kitchen choices can have for the environment, both during manufacture and installation, as well as their design and ongoing use. Showcasing the sustainability considerations of your development to potential buyers is crucial in distinguishing it within the market. As such, it’s increasingly important for developers to make informed choices about their kitchen supplier and the designs they use. Here are a few of the key considerations to look for when taking a green approach to the kitchens in your development. Sustainable processes Sustainability starts at home - and for kitchen manufacturers, this is all about the processes adopted and championed in their factories and warehouses. The amount of waste that a supplier generates - and the energy used in

One of the most exciting elements of updating your kitchen is planning out its style; browsing Pinterest or design sites for inspiration, and breathing new life into a tired space. But sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down all of these enticing options and decide on just one to implement into your design. It doesn’t have to be this way, however - two-toned cabinetry is a growing trend that lets you have the best of both worlds. Here’s how to make it work. Create a contrast To create a feeling of space in a smaller kitchen, incorporate contrasting colours between your upper and lower cabinetry. Using a light palette on top lessens the harsh division between wall and cabinet, and keeps the weight in the bottom half of the space. This combination gives you the neutrality and airiness of a white kitchen, while still letting you play

As with any project, going ahead with a kitchen renovation involves a lot of research before getting a contractor involved. And with online research now easier and more convenient than ever before, it’s easy to feel like you have checked every box when it comes to your renovation. Online research is the first step. But it does not compare to the insights and inspiration you’ll get from visiting a showroom.  But online research does fall short in terms of offering visual perspective and solutions, and it can be hard to envision how some of these amazing spaces you see online will translate to an actual physical space. Here’s why we recommend visiting a kitchen showroom as part of your planning for a kitchen renovation. Get hands on A kitchen showroom gives you the opportunity to test out different finishes, materials, storage solutions and fittings. Open cupboard doors, run

While kitchens may have once been an isolating part of the home, today they’re at the centre of how we live and interact with each other. Spending so much time in the kitchen, you’ll find that planning its design around how you are going to use it can help you get the most out of the space. With this in mind, here are our tips on how to choose a kitchen that complements your lifestyle. If you have a family With kids in the household, your kitchen is one of the most important spaces for just about everything. You’ll be prepping meals while helping with homework, catching up with the kids while cooking dinner, or brewing that all-important morning coffee while ensuring the kids get a decent breakfast. If this sounds like your family, your kitchen needs to have multiple workspaces and access points, so you can be together

Looking to update your kitchen, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with an avalanche of options, or have decision fatigue after browsing seemingly endless catalogues. If this is you, why not start small with some simple projects that take a weekend or less? Once you’ve nailed these projects, you may be in the mood for more – and you may have nipped that overwhelming feeling right in the bud. Project one: Write your wants down on paper This project doesn’t require you to pick up tools – all you need is a pen and paper. Even though it’s simple, it’s an essential step before you start renovating, and helps you plan your projects in a more streamlined way. Think about why you want to renovate your kitchen, and write down your frustrations and potential solutions on a piece of paper. Next to ‘not enough shelf space’,

One of the most satisfying things about working in kitchen renovations is helping to deliver someone’s dream kitchen, and completely transforming the space. Transformation is an understatement when talking about the project that Apollo Kitchens undertook in Carrington, a suburb in Newcastle’s maritime precinct. Designer Jim from our Beresfield showroom was tasked with creating a brand new kitchen, as part of the conversion of a 150-year-old church into a family home. No easy feat, the brief required Jim to balance the desire for modern conveniences and style, while still maintaining the traditional charm that the classic building demanded. Before - it was hard to envision a kitchen in the space in its original condition! The end result is this breathtaking kitchen, a result of close collaboration between the homeowners, the builder, and Apollo Kitchens. Perfectly marrying modern touches with classic style, this kitchen features a number of innovative solutions

The year is already in full swing, and with many of us well and truly back at work, the summer holidays have come to an abrupt halt. That means only one thing – life is getting busy again, and we’re dedicating less and less time to everyday chores at home. While you’re flitting between appointments, shuttling the children between after school activities, or completing endless stacks of work, it can be calming to know you have a sparkling clean kitchen to come home to. Not only does it make meal prep easier, but a tidy kitchen provides a welcoming space to invite family, friends and neighbours into. So let’s make some kitchen resolutions for 2019 – and stick to them. Here’s our list of our favourite goals for the year. Clean before you go to bed We get it – sometimes the very last thing you want to do

So, you’ve decided to bite the bullet in 2019 and move ahead with your dream kitchen renovation. Congratulations! Investing in your kitchen - the heart of the home - will pay dividends both now and down the track. While you can tackle the project yourself if you’ve got the skills and know-how, we recommend going with the experts for the job - saving you time, money and perhaps a bit of your sanity in the long run! It’s only natural that you’ll have lots of questions and things to run through with any potential contractor - but to make the most of your consultation, here’s what you should be asking before progressing further with your renovation.    How long will my kitchen renovation take? It’s probably the question homeowners are most anxious to have answered, but don’t worry - your contractor will be expecting it. The most common question