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Choosing A Design Theme For Your Kitchen

It’s simple to design your kitchen’s theme – when you know how. Get it right and you’ll feel at ease every time you walk into your kitchen.

Learn some tips and tricks to help you plan your kitchen design, and discover how to pinpoint your colour scheme and plan your theme in today’s blog.

Define your colour scheme

Browse through Houzz and scroll through your Instagram feed. Don’t limit yourself to interior design publications; have a look around and take note of which colours catch your attention. The ones that make you happiest are the best ones to choose – after all, you want to live in a space you love.

To narrow down your palette, select your favourite colour – this will be your base – and choose two or three complementary colours. To help, you could pick up a colour wheel from a hardware store, and use it to choose:

  • Two colours that are directly opposite each other (complementary colours), or
  • Three colours that sit side-by-side (analogous colours).

Your kitchen’s palette should complement the colours in the rest of your house. When someone walks through your home, the rooms should feel connected and ultimately, like their styles are drawn from the same playbook.

To work out if the colours will work in your space, take a step back and look at it with fresh eyes. How much natural lighting do you have? How big is the space? What existing features are in the room, and can you see any other rooms from the kitchen? Your answers will help you determine your palette. For instance, if the room is small and dark, you want to choose brighter, lighter colours to lift the mood. If it’s big, with lots of natural light flooding through, you have the freedom to play with darker, dramatic colours (or you could go light, if you wish).

Create your design style

Your style of home should guide – but not dictate – your kitchen design choices. If your home has features like intricate cornices, old hardwood floors and wrought iron frames, you want a classic style for your kitchen. If you live in a more modern home with daring architectural features, incorporate a bold look into your kitchen so the room stands out.

(On the other hand, you could play around with styles and incorporate something unexpected. Classy, stone countertops could look brilliant in a home with a period facade if you integrate the elements correctly.)

Research the different features

Here comes the fun part: researching your options when it comes to floors, countertops, appliances and storage. Without a cohesive design plan in place, window shopping for your kitchen could feel overwhelming, or you might be worried that the items you choose won’t fit together. With a design plan in place, though, you’ll find it easy to flick through catalogues and websites to hunt for the perfect piece or detail.

Want to get started? Sit down and chat with one of our design consultants here at Apollo Kitchens for more inspiration.

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