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Kitchen Design hero in our West Pymble kitchen renovation

Choosing the Hero of Your New Kitchen Design

Among the recent popularity of minimalist kitchen design, you may have come across the concept of a ‘hero’ design element for the space. 

The idea of a kitchen design hero is that, instead of implementing a number of design features competing for your attention, one feature does the heavy lifting to define the overall style of the space.

This could be anything from a stone island bench that commands centre stage or a bright mosaic splashback with colours that break up the monotony of plain cabinetry. 

If you like the idea of a simple new kitchen design but still want your space to feel interesting, a hero piece may be for you! Read on for an understanding of common hero elements and ways to implement this in your own kitchen.


Island bench

Perhaps the most obvious choice for a kitchen hero, the island is also the feature that commands the most attention in a space. Choose the material well, and you can have a striking architectural piece in the centre of your kitchen. 

Besides being an artful centrepiece, an island bench also makes a functional and well-thought addition to the kitchen. Acting as a preparation, eating and storage space, a common choice is to forgo installations like the sink so that the bench’s design features are championed. 

This requires a kitchen with a greater surface area, where you can install the cooking, cleaning and storage areas elsewhere in the space. 



A feature splashback is a great way to draw attention away from the parts of your kitchen that don’t necessarily need it, like appliances or plain cabinetry. 

When choosing the material for your splashback, opt for a title or glass that will complement the colours in the rest of your new kitchen design. This can still be a statement – an example of a striking yet simple hero splashback is marble tile laid in a hexagonal or herringbone style.

Another way to get the effect of a high-quality, standout feature splashback without the price tag is to use a contrasting grout colour simply.

Pairing plain white subway tiles with black grout makes a monochromatic statement in the kitchen, and the way you stack the tiles can also affect the splashback’s impact on your new kitchen design.


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In certain design styles, such as a country or Hamptons-inspired kitchen, a statement appliance is a perfect option for your design hero. 

A large, freestanding oven can completely elevate your space. The model you choose can also be referenced in other elements like your door or tap hardware. For example, a classic oven with brass knobs would pair well with cabinet handles in a similar finish. 

A smart fridge could also be your design hero, or even a wine fridge if you enjoy a glass every now and then.

This can be a great choice if you entertain often, as splurging on a larger or more technologically advanced appliance will often improve your cooking processes and capacity, too. 



Lighting can often be forgotten during the design process, so options can become limited by previous design choices and budget constraints at the end of a project. For this reason, it’s important to have lighting close to the top of your kitchen renovation checklist.

When shopping for lighting, choose a fitting that will stand out while still marrying up with the rest of your new kitchen design. You also want to choose a light fitting that won’t age, so it’s worth the investment. Alternatively, opt for something with a covering that can be easily swapped out. This way, you can tweak your aesthetic in line with current design trends without committing to a costly new light fitting each time.

Some key things to consider when purchasing a feature light fitting are colour, material and size. Don’t forget, this is your hero piece, so it doesn’t need to match perfectly with the rest of your space. Focus on cohesion rather than conformity.


Your kitchen hero piece can be the one item that influences you, above all else, to renovate your kitchen. It may also be the final piece of the puzzle, a considered purchase that takes some time to decide on and makes your kitchen complete. 


Whether you begin your renovation journey with your hero chosen or need help deciding on one, the experienced team at Apollo Kitchens has the knowledge and skills to make it a good fit for your home. Book a consultation today, or drop into a showroom to discuss your options.

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