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How to Create a Modern Country Kitchen

While we absolutely love the new trends emerging in kitchen design for 2019 and beyond, there’s something timelessly charming about a country-style kitchen.

Rustic and inviting, the country style immediately makes you feel at home – so it’s a kitchen that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Though the country look is timeless, there are some modern features that bring country kitchens into 2019. Here’s how to do it:

Ditch Cabinets in Favour of Open Shelving

Country kitchens are all about the kitschy, cosy feel – so having your homewares and crockery on display helps to make the space feel lived-in and give it some personality of its own.

If open shelving doesn’t work for you, glass-front cabinets can still give the same effect. Installing display hooks for things like your mugs or tea-towels not only add to the look, but are convenient too.

Incorporate Antiques

Give your modern kitchen a more traditional look with the furnishings you add in. Go for a pre-owned or refurbished set of stools for the breakfast bar, or hang an antique clock or signage on the walls.

Using antique accents balances out more modern elements of your design, resulting in a functional and stylish kitchen that still has the country charm we love.

Consider Your Palette

Rather than going for a traditional white palette, go for an eggshell, a light grey or a white with a hint of blue to modernise the look.

Darker colours also have their place in the modern country kitchen – think navy blues or rich emerald greens, which create a striking contrast against lighter elements in your space.

Make Country References

While using all the iconic country kitchen styles in your kitchen will give you a traditional kitchen rather than that modern hybrid, making references to your favourite styles help keep that balance between the two looks.

Sliding barn-style doors to access your pantry or butlers’ pantry are a fun element to incorporate – keep it current by using sleek black door hardware.

If your appliances are mostly modern stainless steel, go for a farmhouse sink with copper or brushed silver tapware to tie the look together.

Swap Out Your Benchtop

Lastly, using a contrasting material for your benchtop and island counter will make the perfect modern country kitchen.

If you have darker cabinetry, using a lighter concrete or stone benchtop will help bring forward the natural light in your space. Concrete in particular makes a nod to the current industrial trend, blending well into your modern country look.

For lighter cabinetry, pairing this with a timber bench – whether limited to your island as the central feature, or throughout the kitchen – and black hardware creates a look that is at once both on-trend, and timelessly stylish.

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