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Create the Ideal Indoor-Outdoor Space with These Tips

Living in Sydney, our temperate climate means outdoor entertaining isn’t just limited to the summer months – rather, we can get great use of these spaces in the home year-round. 

With this in mind, taking the time to design your kitchen so that it becomes an extension of your outdoor entertaining space will help you to make the most of your home. 

Whether you’re building new or looking to undergo a kitchen renovation in Sydney, keep these tips in mind for the perfect indoor-outdoor space. 


Opt for space savers

When it comes to creating the perfect indoor-outdoor area, every inch of space becomes super valuable. It not only impacts practical functionality around things like storage but also how people move between zones in your space. 

Sliding doors that hide away into pockets can completely disappear when not needed, removing all boundaries between outside and in. 

An outdoor bar and servery window that opens into your kitchen create another socialisation space for guests, without blocking any thoroughfares. This keeps guests out from under your feet while also letting you feel like you’re part of the action as you’re prepping in the kitchen.


Let the light in 

One of the easiest ways to maximise the feeling of space in your entertaining area is by harnessing the power of natural light. 

While installing glass or bifold doors is an obvious way to increase the flow of light into your kitchen and adjoining outdoor space, this isn’t always possible in a lot of kitchens in Sydney where the access point to outside is narrower, or where the outdoor yard is smaller.

Low-hanging beams or ceilings in conjunction with minimal windows can make an area feel smaller than it really is. Consider where you can replace walls with glass – above doors is an underutilised source of light – and don’t rule out replacing overhead structures with glass, either. 


Servery windows linking your kitchen to the outdoor space tick off two boxes at once, creating another source of light while also acting as a convenient way to move food or servingware easily between the two areas. 

Also, consider how your window furnishings could be blocking out valuable light. Linen or other lightweight sheer fabrics help to diffuse the sun while keeping your space ventilated, bright and airy.


Make the space work for you 

One of the top tips we have for creating an indoor-outdoor kitchen in Sydney is bringing elements of the kitchen outdoors (and vice versa). 

If you are a master of the barbeque, adding a storage unit to house your tools and your regular serving ware can eliminate a lot of the pesky steps in your entertaining prep. There’s no need to run back and forth to the kitchen when you can easily access everything you need within arm’s reach. 

Installing a small sink can also help with the cleanup, plus any chef will appreciate additional bench space. 


Combine two spaces into one

Lastly, look for ways to introduce continuity between your kitchen and your outdoor space. A goal of any kitchen renovation in Sydney should be to minimise any major differences or obstacles between the two areas and instead create one living zone that flows from inside to out.

One overlooked element of this space tends to be beneath your feet. Levelling out your floors to be one consistent height can reduce the feeling that you’re moving between two separate zones, particularly if you also install doors that can be opened up to the outdoors. 

Carry your flooring material from your kitchen through to your outdoor seating area for a truly seamless feel. 

This can also be achieved through your decor. Pick a theme – whether it be a colour accent, a material like wicker, or even plants – and introduce complementary elements throughout both spaces. It’s a subtle way to make your indoor-outdoor space feel like one cohesive area of your home. 


If you’re not making the most of your Sydney kitchen, then make this year the year you update your home. Our team of experienced designers can help you get the most of your space – contact our kitchen showroom in Sydney for an obligation-free quote. 

In the meantime, download our eBook for more kitchen renovation ideas.
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