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How to Create the Ultimate Entertainers Kitchen

There is something uniquely satisfying about pulling off a seamless dinner party. With the kitchen as your stage, any avid entertainer knows the difference a well-designed space can make to the atmosphere, flow and success of a soiree. Whether you are accommodating an ever-growing extended family for holidays, a passionate host of elaborate dinner parties, or simply love nothing more than having your house full of friends for low key get togethers, kitchens inevitably end up the hub of your gatherings.

Making your kitchen work for you is key to creating the perfect entertaining space. From appliances and lay out, to furniture and décor details, when it comes to tips and tricks for the entertainer’s kitchen, the devil is in the details. Here are a few of our favourite key tips for creating the ultimate kitchen both you and your guests will love:

Islands and extended benches:

Whether it’s an intimate dinner party, Christmas, birthday party or a summer barbeque, the trusty kitchen island is like a check in point. Guests arrive then inevitably gravitate to the island to set down dishes, drinks, or greet the host/cook before settling in or venturing to the party hub.

A well-designed island bench will be open plan with plenty of space to act as an area for plating, prep, self -serving areas or pre-dinner drinks. Make sure you invest in some comfortable stools so your guests can relax while chatting.

Hot Tip:  If you have the room, extend the island away from your kitchen work triangle (fridge, sink, stove) to keep guests close but away from workspaces. 

Keep it open:

If you have the space for it, extend your kitchen area with an open plan dining space. This way your guests can be included and socialise freely without getting in the way of the cook or host. Think about how your kitchen flows, and if possible have the dining area open onto a deck, balcony or back yard to keep an easy and free flow throughout your entertaining areas.


While kitchen bench stools are a must, wherever possible make sure you have plenty of alternative and comfortable seating around your dining and kitchen area. Sure, there are some incredible designs out there, but do not fall into the trap of sacrificing comfort for trends.


If you can, double up. Not only will an extra sink mean someone can be washing up while another cleans and washes vegetables. A great way to do this is to add an extra round sink in your island bench then have a deep double-sided sink either in your butlers station or on a back workbench.

Do you have the space and money for something a little extra?

Consider building a walk-in butlers station or pantry, or a separate beverage station complete with a coffee machine and wine fridge.


There are very few people who actually enjoy doing dishes, and even less who enjoy dishes while a party is in full swing around them. Invest in a good quality, spacious dishwasher so you can put loads on as you go, save any unlucky guests missing out on the fun, and minimise your clean-up afterwards.

Invest in the right fridge:

When it comes to fridges, make sure you get the most spacious fridge viable for your needs. Not only do you want to be able to store all your fresh ingredients prior to cooking, you will need ample space for dishes as they are prepared, any additions guests bring, plus a respectable amount of space for beverages. The last thing you want to do is be cleaning up a spill after your fridge has turned into a messy game of Jenga.

Clever Cooking

Being an entertainer doesn’t automatically mean you’re a MasterChef. That being said, if you are culinarily inclined and dinner parties tend to be elaborate home cooked affairs, consider multiple ovens and larger stovetops. This way you can be heating canapés or cooking desert while your mains are left undisturbed.

All in the Details:


Setting the mood doesn’t need to be relegated to the bedroom. Put some thought into having some creative lighting that will give you the option to swap from a well-lit prep kitchen, to an atmospheric dining space.

Music: No need to turn your dinner into a disco, but make sure you include an integrated smart system in your kitchen. There are some great

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