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Creating a Combined Laundry and Bathroom Using Custom Joinery

In homes where space is a precious resource, multipurpose spaces can help to increase the functionality of your home without increasing its footprint. 

While it makes sense at a surface level to combine a bathroom and a laundry – both being wet spaces, utilising many of the same design elements and materials – this is often easier said than done. 

With the right custom joinery in Sydney, however, it’s not as difficult as you may think to create a hybrid bathroom-laundry that offers much-needed storage and flexibility without detracting from the aesthetics of the space.


Utilise vertical wall space 

There’s a reason the European laundry has become so popular in apartment living, and creating cabinets to conceal your appliances with custom joinery in Sydney is one of the best ways to incorporate the laundry into your combined bathroom space. 

Giving you the flexibility to use all available vertical space, cabinetry makes the perfect home for a stacked washer-dryer and frees up valuable floor space for bathroom elements. Just make sure the necessary plumbing connections are installed in your cabinetry for easy set-up.


Full-length cabinetry can also provide hanging space for drying clothes, a fold-out ironing board or laundry hampers to keep dirty clothes out of sight. For a truly seamless look, opt for handleless cabinets in a matte finish. 

If wall space is needed for a benchtop, cabinetry above and below the bench can still have much the same effect. 

In particularly cramped spaces, overhead cabinetry may contribute to the sense of claustrophobia – opt for open shelving above your benchtop instead, and use storage tools like caddies or woven baskets for maximum convenience and minimal clutter. 


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Consider a partition 

Where concealing the laundry elements of the space isn’t an option, or that wall space is needed for something like the shower, creating a separate zone with a sliding door or wall can help to keep the areas defined. 

Again, stacking your appliances can help to minimise their footprint and means your partition only needs to be as deep as the machines are. Clever shelving can help you to utilise every inch of your laundry nook, creating homes for things like washing baskets and cleaning supplies and otherwise keeping these out of sight.

The addition of the sliding door can help to reduce the noise disruption while you’re running a cycle, and means you don’t have to account for the door’s swing – important where space is already an issue. 


Create clever bench surfaces 

A vanity is usually a central element of your bathroom, and with some clever custom joinery in Sydney you can extend this for a versatile surface that houses some must-have elements for your hybrid space. 

An extended bench running from the far wall through to the opposite wall (or to the shower frame, depending on your layout) can comfortably fit a sink, washing machine, dryer and under-bench cupboards for much-needed storage. The benchtop provides handy space to sort or fold clothes, too. 

Consider how a pull-out ironing board could be integrated into the benchtop, so it’s easily accessible when needed but otherwise doesn’t take up valuable space. 


Our team of design experts can help to create a functional layout for even the smallest of spaces, pairing this with a stylish design to ensure you get the most out of the space. To learn more about creating a hybrid bathroom laundry in your home, get in touch with us.
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