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Creating Custom Joinery to Maximise Storage

Everyone would benefit from more storage space in their kitchen. Custom made kitchen joinery is a great way to create more available space. The good news is custom kitchen storage solutions and joinery can be designed to complement your home. 

Do you need more storage in your kitchen? Custom joinery is what we specialise in at Apollo Kitchens. 


We have customised kitchens all across New South Wales, and every custom made kitchen has been an extension of our clients’ personalities. We use intelligent joinery technology to produce custom kitchen joinery for homes of all shapes and sizes. 


Choosing custom kitchen joinery comes with a range of benefits, including: 

  • Storage solutions that fit the function and flow of your home  
  • Bespoke joinery designs that no one else will have in their kitchen 
  • A design with the latest technology and in a range of functional needs 
  • Choice from a large range of materials and design features 


Read on to learn how using custom made kitchen joinery can maximise your kitchen’s storage options.


Stackable shelving

Use stackable shelving inside your kitchen pantry to conserve space. Stackable shelves come in a range of styles and can be designed and installed professionally. For more temporary storage solutions, removable stacking shelves can also be purchased from your local homewares store. 


Pull-out pantries

Pull out pantries make great use of limited wall space and can be customised to even the most limited spaces. Being open on both sides, a pull out pantry has great accessibility, saving you time and struggle reaching far corners. Small pull out pantries, when positioned by cooking areas like the stove or oven, make great spice racks and storage for miscellaneous items such as cling wrap and baking paper. Pull out pantries also ensure that all the kitchen items are stored in one neat and tidy space and can be designed to seamlessly blend in with existing kitchen cabinetry. 


Island benches with drawers

If you have an island bench you can install custom kitchen drawers or pull out cabinets within the bench. Island benches with cabinets all around the circumference can be used for storing alcohol, cleaning products and storing unused glassware.  An island bench can also provide extra kitchen bench space for those who like to entertain or spend a lot of time cooking. 


Stretched shelving 

Kitchen shelving can be stretched from the floor to the ceiling to provide more shelving space. This style of shelving can also be extended from above the splashback to provide storage for lesser-used items such as fancy glassware. 


Floating shelves

For small kitchens try floating shelves. This style of modern kitchen joinery is perfect for decorative pieces like vases and pottery, as well as other bits and pieces like birthday cards, keys or even a fish tank. Floating shelves are a great custom storage option for those who need extra space but do not want to sacrifice too much surface area within their kitchen. 


Hangable plate rack

Install racks above the sink and on the kitchen walls to show off your collection of crockery. Doing this will mean that you can store these items away and easily access them when cooking. 


Sliding kitchen ladder 

When installing high stretching cabinets and pantries, consider a sliding ladder to aid access to upper cabinets. The ladder will add an old school touch to your kitchen and double as a great conversation piece.  


Pipe shelving 

Install pipe shelving to hang coffee cups, frying pans and pots across your kitchen bench or below your conventional cabinetry. Pipe shelving is an incredibly modern touch that can be styled in a variety of ways to match the kitchen furnishings such as copper, steel and iron. 


Fridge drawers 

Fridge drawers are becoming more popular in small kitchen designs as they utilise space the same way pull out pantries do. Fridge drawers can be installed on the island bench, inside the pantry and can be used as invisible mini bars. 


If you need expert advice for your Sydney kitchen renovation, at Apollo Kitchens, we’re here to help you. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.     

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