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Creating the Perfect Custom Walk-in Wardrobe

Upgrading from a cabinet or sliding-door wardrobe to a full-size, walk-in space is an exciting opportunity to increase your storage – but if not thoughtfully designed, you can have all that extra room and still find yourself running out of space for clothes. 

While DIY advancements can help to improve the layout of your current space, a fully bespoke fit-out with custom joinery in Sydney means your wardrobe functions exactly as you need it to.

Whether it’s dedicated shoe storage, a suite of open shelves to take stock of your collection or even something as small as the height of your clothing racks, a custom walk-in wardrobe can tick all your boxes and provide easy, quick access to everything you own. 


Here’s how to design the perfect walk-in wardrobe for your master suite.


Open shelving

One of the benefits of having a walk-in wardrobe is that nothing necessarily needs to be hidden away. 

Unlike a traditional wardrobe, where its contents are usually concealed behind a cabinet or sliding door, a walk-in wardrobe is really designed for functionality – and open shelving plays a big part in this. 

Allowing you to see (and access) all your items at a glance, open shelving is perfect for items like handbags, hats, shoes or stacks of bulkier items like jumpers. 

When working with custom joinery in Sydney, open shelving is usually cheaper to install than a full suite of drawers or cabinets, too. 


Shallow drawers 

When it comes to drawers in your custom walk-in wardrobe, we often see homeowners go wrong in choosing one-size drawers for the whole space. 

While standard drawers make the perfect home for items like t-shirts, pyjamas and activewear, they can create headaches for smaller items like hosiery and accessories. 

Wide, shallow drawers (stacked on top of your standard-size drawers, for example) keep everything in sight and can prevent items from getting tangled or going MIA. 

These can also work well for shoe storage. Consider installing these drawers just above the floor and installing a kick mechanism to slide the drawer open for convenience. 


Storage principles are often transferable across many different areas in the home. Our design principles eBook covers off clever design to maximise storage space – download it here. 


Hanging racks

Aside from some delicate items or knitted pieces, almost everything lends well to hanging. This style of clothing storage makes your wardrobe much more accessible, putting all the pieces you have into sight rather than buried at the back of a drawer. 

You can never have too much hanging space, though it does matter about the height your racks are set at. 

Ensure you have some taller rack space to accommodate for dresses, suits and skirts, though one rail will generally be enough for these pieces, as we tend to have fewer of them. 

For the rest of your hanging racks, stack these on top of one another to create a low and high rail within the one cavity. Consider using custom joinery in Sydney to store ties and scarves within your hanging area to take advantage of the vertical space. 


Last but not least, don’t forget to incorporate a full-length mirror to check your outfits before heading out for the day. 

Looking for more ways to optimise your space with clever custom joinery in Sydney? Look no further than Apollo Joinery Group – with decades of experience in helping homeowners to transform their spaces. There’s no project too big or small for our talented team. Get in touch with us today.

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