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Photo of custom kitchen joinery at Holgate kitchen delivered by Apollo Kitchens in Sydney.

The Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinetry for Sydney Homes

Given the important role that a kitchen plays in both our home and our day-to-day lives, it’s worth taking the extra time to plan a space that will be functional and easy to use. 

Custom kitchen cabinetry can completely elevate your design, creating a kitchen that is both stylish and practical. Tailored to the way you like to spend time in this room of the house – whether you love to entertain or you use the kitchen as your family hub – custom cabinets can complement the available space, ensuring that every inch is utilised in a way that reflects your family’s needs. 

We’ve had the pleasure of helping countless Sydney homeowners transform their kitchens with custom cabinets. Here are some of our favourite things about designing kitchen cabinetry for a renovation.


Make the best use of your space 

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to opt for custom kitchen cabinetry is the ability to make full use of your space. 

Flatpack kitchens may offer convenience upfront, but as they are produced to fit a ‘standard’ kitchen, many homeowners find that this seemingly practical solution can create headaches when it comes to actually using the kitchen. 

Whether the top of the cabinets doesn’t quite reach the ceiling, or your walkways become more narrow than you’d prefer, or the benchtops sit awkwardly low for everyday use – you’ll find yourself noticing all the ways your kitchen doesn’t suit your space, instead of enjoying your new kitchen as you should.

Custom kitchen cabinetry is built to suit your space, rather than the other way around, so you can incorporate both the amount and type of cupboards, drawers and cabinets that work best for your kitchen. 


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Fit your specific layout and dimensions

Not all kitchens are created equal; and while it may be possible to steal a few extra centimetres from adjoining rooms while you renovate, your design is ultimately bound by the space you have available. 

When you work with a designer to plan a custom kitchen cabinetry solution for your home, they can take into account all the quirks and challenges of your space and design bespoke solutions for them. 

A shallow gap between your cabinets and appliances could become a wine rack; high ceilings could be utilised to allow for additional serving ware or seasonal storage; you could even sneak in the island bench you’ve always dreamed of. 

A designer will ensure there is no ‘dead’ space on your kitchen floorplan and can help you to come up with creative solutions to any areas that have previously been hard to utilise.


Tailor your storage solutions

Another drawcard for custom kitchen cabinetry is the ability to configure not just its placement within your floor plan, but also what’s on the inside, too. 

Customise not just where you opt for shelves over drawers, but also any kind of inbuilt racks, lazy susans or other functional implements to help you get the most from your kitchen storage.

A deep pantry can have pull-out wire drawers for improved visibility and accessibility; awkward corner cupboards can have swivel solutions installed to increase functionality; drawers can be stacked or nested within each other to pack as much storage into the available space as possible. 

You can also customise things like the height and depth of your shelves, whether open or within your cupboards, and of course, take this customisation right down to your knobs and handles to reflect your design preferences. 

With over 55 years of experience transforming Sydney kitchens with custom kitchen cabinetry, we understand that no two kitchens are the same; nor are the families who use them to cook, entertain and come together. We’re passionate about designing bespoke solutions for each client that will result in a kitchen they’ll love for years to come, making the best use of their unique space. 


If you would like the Apollo Kitchens team to help transform your kitchen, contact us today to arrange a consultation or visit one of our showroom locations across Sydney, Western Sydney and the Central Coast.

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