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Custom Made vs Flat Pack Kitchen: Which One You Should Choose?

Decided it’s time for a kitchen re-design? When it comes to your new kitchen renovation, it can be difficult to decide what route to go down. Budgeting decisions can often mean the difference between a good kitchen and a great one. 

You might wonder, is there really that much difference between a custom made and flat-pack design? Generally, in both cases, you’ll be able to determine if you want budget or higher quality construction, including skirting boards, hinges, drawer runners and handles. We can help make this decision based on the advantages and disadvantages of custom and flat pack kitchens.  


Custom Made

Your kitchen is the room you tend to spend a lot of time in; socialising, preparing food and enjoying family time. You wouldn’t want your bedroom or living room to look the same as someone else’s, so why would you want your kitchen to?    

As the name suggests, a custom made kitchen allows you to play the role of artistic director. This means you’ll be able to design the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll also determine exactly how the space will look and feel without the stress of the kitchen renovation turning out completely different from how you imagined. 

Leaving it to the professionals to project manage and install will significantly reduce the stress and strain associated with a renovation. With Apollo Kitchens, your kitchen renovation is done completely by trade professionals. 

The professionals care about the details, and they’ll consult with you every step of the way to ensure you’re fully included in the process, start to finish. With choosing a custom made kitchen renovation, you’ll also be choosing quality. The quality of the kitchen fittings will be longer-lasting and more durable, which is important when the kitchen is one of the most-utilised rooms in the house and prone to the most wear and tear.  

The variety of options you’ll have are endless, and your vision for the kitchen will be realised with great detail. No idea is out of depth. A customised kitchen is also more aesthetically pleasing and you’ll be proud to have a unique, one of a kind kitchen that was completely designed by you.  

If you don’t have time to project manage and take time off work to install the kitchen yourself, a custom made kitchen is for you.  


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Flat Pack 

A DIY kitchen renovation is a more budget-friendly option for redoing your space, however, it’s not for the faint hearted. You’ll need to have a good concept of the size of your space, the plumbing and any constraints you might come up against.

You’ll also need to be prepared to take the time to install your kitchen correctly. A flat pack kitchen purchased from your local hardware store might be cheaper in the short-term, however, if not installed correctly, it could devalue your entire property. This will cost you more in the long-term.  


You’ll need to consider if you can confidently install the following: 

  • The benchtop
  • Tiles, floorboards, a splashback
  • Light fittings
  • Shelving and cabinets 
  • The sink which is connected to the plumbing
  • Electricity and gas. 


If you’re not a carpenter, now isn’t a good time to learn the trade on the job. One wrong turn of the screwdriver and this will set you back in time, money and make you wish you’d just left it to the professionals. A rookie installation will also show, and you’ll be reminded of the blood, sweat, and tears you shed every time you open the squeaky cupboard door. 

Flat pack kitchens are almost always cheaper in price as they’re purchased in stores such as Bunnings or Ikea. Although this is beneficial, it has its disadvantages. Flat packs are often limited in choices of materials, colours, and finishes. Older property? It’s most likely the walls aren’t perfectly straight or the same length. This makes it harder to align the new fittings.  

Also, buying store-bought means you also run the risk of certain items being unavailable and delaying your project even further.

If you choose to go for a flat pack kitchen, and you don’t have the time or wherewithal to put it together yourself, you’ll need to analyse the costs to ensure you have a budget to pay for the installation by the professionals. If this sounds counterproductive, a custom made kitchen is probably a better option for you.


Ready to start the process of a customised kitchen? Contact us at Apollo Kitchens today and we’ll get the ball rolling on your new kitchen renovation.

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