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10 Essential Steps to a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Endeavouring on a kitchen renovation is a project everyone should do at least once in their lives. Visiting kitchen showrooms is an exciting first step, however there are many more that follow. With any big project comes important considerations and steps to ensure you’re not wasting valuable time and money. Here are ten steps you should follow to ensure your renovation is successful. 


1. Budget, budget, budget 

Your first kitchen renovation is an exciting time. For this reason, it can be tempting to overspend on your kitchen renovation design.  

The first essential step is to sit down and make a comprehensive budget for the project. While you’re doing this, research prices for each aspect of the renovation including hiring a project manager, construction costs, potential accommodation you might need to make. It all quickly adds up and without having any indication of costs, you might be in for a bit of bill shock. 

Once you’ve decided on a reasonable amount for your budget, you can then proceed with a plan for your kitchen renovation design. Having a budget will mean you’re less likely to make indulgent decisions and you’ll be firmer on what’s negotiable before stepping into a kitchen showroom. 


2. Find inspiration 

The easy and fun part — find inspiration. It’s not very often that you get to renovate your kitchen so take time to indulge in researching what you like by watching tv shows, looking at Pinterest and Instagram, and visiting kitchen showrooms.  Once you have a mood board, sit with your concepts for a week or a few to see what you’re still liking. You’d be surprised how soon your taste can change. 


3. Find a contractor 

If you or your kitchen renovation partner are not in the industry, find quality kitchen renovation services in your area. This also requires research — do you know someone who recently worked with a trustworthy company? Read reviews and then book a consultation to see if they’re able to make your kitchen renovation dream a reality. 

Ways to assess if they’re the right contractors for you could include asking them to provide references from their last five jobs. Once you’ve found your right contractor, ensure you’re both on the same page. This means establishing a realistic budget, timeline, and any other considerations that might pop up. Communicate clearly with them about your goals and non-negotiables.  

4. Invest in good lighting 

In a kitchen, lighting is everything. These days there are so many options to consider for your kitchen renovation ranging from artificial to natural light. Task lighting is important in modern kitchen renovation design as it will improve functionality and practicality. Consider what areas of the space could be renovated to add natural lighting or if you’re able to include skylights for natural, all day-brightness. 


5. Have a plan B 

Plan for your favourite kitchen cabinet design might not match your layout, your paint to clash with your floorboards, and your Plan A to go south. Make a Plan B and C to allow you to press forwards and stick to your timeline in times where things could go wrong. 


6. Have patience 

Things don’t always go to plan. Kitchen renovations services are prone to taking longer than expected so be prepared to sit through delays especially if you’re embarking on your renovation during Winter and Spring. Remember to have patience. Good things take time, especially quality kitchen renovations.


7. Analyse the layout 

The layout of your kitchen will affect your everyday use of the space. Make a list of things currently wrong with the layout and work with your kitchen designer to make these improvements through modern kitchen cabinet design. If your kitchen is small and pulling down walls isn’t an option, a portable island bench or kitchen trolley could be your answer. 


8. Storage 

Ensure your kitchen will have enough storage and make design considerations to ensure this won’t be a problem later down the track. 


9. Hire professional tradespeople 

Always hire professional kitchen renovation services to install electrical work. They’ll prevent fire damage and the risk of electrocution. Don’t be tempted to cut corners, you’ll only encounter more problems down the road. 


10. Get a second and third opinion 

If you’re having doubts about whether your kitchen renovation is the right move — get a second opinion. Apollo Kitchens offers a pre-development consultation for homeowners, architects, interior designers, quantity surveyors, builders and developers to discuss cost-effective specification options to produce quality kitchens that meet their high standards.


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