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10 Ways to Create Space in a Small Kitchen

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Before getting your kitchen designed and renovated, it’s important to do plenty of planning and research. You want to create a kitchen that suits your tastes and your lifestyle. After all, it is the heart of the home.


If you’re working with a small area for your kitchen renovation, you’ll want to make the best use of space. The good news is that there are many ways to create space in a small kitchen. You can do this by creating more storage areas, or through design elements that give your small kitchen a more spacious feel. Read on to learn more about creating space.


 To maximise storage


 1. Elongate cabinets

 Do you have a lot of dead space above your cabinets? Don’t let this area collect dust while the rest of your kitchen gets cluttered. Instead, maximise space in your small kitchen by designing tall cabinets that stretch up to the ceiling. Longer cabinets will also create the illusion of more space. Don’t be afraid of the height. With a simple folding step ladder, you can easily access your storage any time.


 2. Create clever shelves

 Declutter your benchtops with strategically placed shelves. By placing shelves above your sink, above your fridge or even above windows, you not only maximise storage space, you also tap into some of the latest kitchen design trends.


3. Find new corners

 In a small kitchen, every corner is a wasted opportunity for storage. When redesigning or renovating your kitchen, use kitchen joinery to make good use of your corners. Shelves and  cabinets both work well in corners, but feel free to get creative with hooks and hangers.


 4. Make splashbacks functional

Splashbacks are known for giving kitchens character and style, while protecting your walls from cooking mess. But splashbacks can be even more functional. Create more storage in your kitchen by incorporating hooks and shelves into your splashbacks.  

To create the illusion of space


5. Go for minimalism

If you want your small kitchen to feel more spacious, you’ll love a minimalist design. Avoid too many decorative features and a mixed colour palate, which can make your kitchen look busy and amplify the claustrophobia. A minimalist kitchen design gives you a clean and open look.


6. Change your windows

While they don’t add any extra space for you to work with, bay windows can create a more spacious feel that lets you breathe. Incorporate bay windows into your kitchen renovation. Alternatively, you could get outward opening windows like casement windows, or tilt and turn windows, which create a similar optical illusion of space.


7. Conceal your kitchen

Concealed kitchens are gaining popularity in 2019 for their impressive space-making effects. They’re perfect for smaller kitchens or apartments where you want to compartmentalise your kitchen and living spaces.

 Concealed kitchens can be built into walls and revealed with sliding or folding doors. They can also be concealed behind feature walls or even within cabinets.


8. Try a one-wall design

 The one-wall design is also trending at the moment, especially with people who want to create the look and feel of space. In a one-wall design, you design your kitchen so it’s all up against one wall. Without islands or benches cluttering your smaller space, you create a sleek and decluttered look.


To declutter


9. Fold your tables

 While not for everyone, fold out tables work well in some small kitchens. By incorporating a folding table into your kitchen joinery, you’ve got an instant bench to work on while cooking. This packs away once you’re done, leaving you with more space to move around.


10. Remove the pantry

Be flexible with your use of space. If your kitchen feels cramped, make room for your pantry or storage space in a nearby room or hallway. This is another way to make use of dead space, without any inconvenience.


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