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4 Ways Refacing Cabinets Can Create a Whole New Kitchen

If you’re looking to upgrade the look or functionality of your kitchen but don’t want or need to update the layout, refacing your joinery is a simple and effective way to do so. Replacing the fronts of your cabinets will instantly refresh your space. It can also create space you didn’t know you had. Keep reading to learn more.


Create a new style

First and foremost, replacing the fronts of your cupboards and drawers is an opportunity to revisit the design theme of your kitchen. Breathing new life into your space by way of a new colour scheme or material can do wonders for the way you see and use your kitchen. Switching from timber to white cupboards can make a kitchen feel bigger and brighter.  Meanwhile, installing glass cabinet fronts or removing some completely to create open shelving is a great way to display heirloom pieces and inject colour into your space.


Install drawers for better accessibility

Say goodbye to bending down and contorting to find things hidden in the back of a hard-to-reach cupboard. Swapping out your cupboards for drawers creates better visibility and accessibility, and is much easier to achieve than you may think. It’s also an opportunity to reorganise how you store essentials. Cupboards for pots, pans and containers are notorious for being messy and reaching into them often results in at least one item coming crashing down and falling out onto the floor. Installing large drawers for pots, pans and even plates and bowls can improve the overall functionality and flow of your kitchen design.


Upgrade to soft-close fittings

There are a number of benefits to installing soft-close hinges in your kitchen. Aside from the obvious lack of slamming noises, soft-close fittings prevent fingers being painfully jammed, giving you a more child-friendly kitchen. They also ensure whatever is stored inside drawers stays safely in place, preventing damage. Plus, anything fitted with soft close ensures doors and drawers are closed properly, meaning there’s less frequent need for maintenance. Less stress on hinges and drawer rails ultimately extends the life of your cabinets, giving you more time in between upgrades. 


Install smart storage

Changing up the front of your cabinets also presents a great opportunity to upgrade what’s behind them. Additional storage mechanisms go hand-in-hand with updates to cabinetry like new drawers and changes to shelving. Smart storage solutions like a pull-out spice rack, drawer peg system or a blind corner solution increases accessibility and capacity. Drawer pegs ensure plates, bowls and cups stored inside drawers remain neatly organised and safely in place. A lazy susan inside a lower cabinet means you never have to reach too far back to find what you’re after.  


Updating your cabinet fronts may seem like an easy do-it-yourself task, however opting for a flat-pack solution can sometimes have repercussions down the line if you don’t plan and execute carefully. Cheaper materials will be more susceptible to untimely wear and tear, and require more frequent maintenance. Installing your own kitchen joinery, you also run the risk of doing it wrong. Speak to a qualified kitchen designer about what you want to achieve with your partial renovation to ensure you’re going about it the right way, and investing in a quality upgrade that will stand the test of time. Engaging a team like Apollo Kitchens may seem like a bigger financial investment, but weighing up the cost against your time commitment and the life cycle of your kitchen, you may be surprised by the result.


Creating the kitchen you’ll love is easy with help from Apollo Kitchens. We created a guide to all things kitchen design so you can get started on planning your renovation. Download it now.

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