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5 Easy Ways to Optimise Storage in Your Home’s Custom Joinery

One of the best things about installing custom joinery in Sydney homes is that there’s a spot for everything. You can customise the placement, orientation and functionality of your joinery storage to suit you and your family. 

But having the space to store your things is only half the battle when it comes to home storage – the other piece of the puzzle is creating a system to keep it all neat and tidy. 

Here are five easy optimisations you can make to your home storage this weekend for a more organised home.


1. Labels on shelves

Labelling your joinery to create designated spots for your items not only helps you to remember where things go but makes it easy to know at a glance if anything’s missing or out of place.

Elevate the humble strip label by opting for vinyl lettering for shelves, tubs or boxes. Alternatively, chalkboard plaques or paint allows for more flexibility and is a great option for drawers. 

If you’re more visual, a polaroid picture of the item stuck to the front of drawers, tubs or boxes can help you to easily find what you’re looking for. This is particularly helpful for distinguishing between different variations of the same item, for example, shoes or bedding. 


2. Baskets & containers for pantry or linen press

Big open cupboards like the pantry and linen press are great for their ample storage, but this also means they can quickly become disorganised. 

Using baskets and containers to categorise your items is a great way to get the most out of your custom joinery in Sydney, allowing you to utilise every inch of space in your cupboards. 

Wide, shallow baskets make great homes for baking utensils or seasonal items like cookie cutters. Deeper baskets can be stored on the floor, for chunkier items or those that aren’t used as frequently. Decanting items like cereal, flour, rice and pasta makes storage easier as all of your containers are uniform. 

Containers can also be stacked, meaning you can utilise vertical space and double-stack your items. Just don’t forget your labelling system!


3. Create zones within cupboards

While we’re all well-versed in the concept of grouping like with like when it comes to cupboard organisation, for truly functional storage consider grouping your items by use. 

Instead of grouping all of your spreads together in the pantry, for example, consider creating a breakfast shelf with all of the condiments and cereals grouped together. 

Zones offer a storage solution that’s both practical and functional, meaning you’ll be more likely to keep them organised. 


4. Colour-code

The system of colour-coding has a wide range of applications across just about any room that has custom joinery in Sydney

In the laundry, colour-coding your hampers or laundry bags can make it easy to sort between lights, darks and hand wash-only items. 

In the pantry, you might choose to assign herbs and spices different colours to make it easy to grab the right one; or label sweet seasonings in one colour and savoury in another. 

For families, creating a colour-coding system with tubs can help kids organise without relying on labels. 


5. Set time aside to regularly keep drawers & cupboards in order

Now that you’ve got a beautiful, organised home, it’s a lot easier to maintain than to start from scratch. Be sure to set aside some time each week to keep your storage system in order – for some rooms, this might be a daily practice; for other areas in the home, it could be less frequent. 

Use this time to see what else you can optimise about your storage, too. The more your storage can work for you, the easier it will be to keep your home organised.


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