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5 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Designer

If you’re committed to a full-scale kitchen renovation, you’ll need a designer to help you through it. Whilst you can be certain a kitchen designer is experienced enough to take the reigns, you’ll no doubt have questions you want to ask about design ideas, layout, appliances and more. We’ve covered off five of the most important ones for modern kitchen designs. Read on.


Do I actually need a full renovation?

Such a simple question that can be completely forgotten. You may be so caught up in wanting a new style for your kitchen without realising the layout and bones are in perfectly good condition. Be sure to ask your kitchen designer whether they believe your kitchen could benefit from a new layout and extra storage or if simply replacing benches, cupboards and appliances will suffice.


What is the best layout for me?

The layout is paramount for a modern kitchen, which is why it’s important to get an expert opinion on what will suit your lifestyle best. A kitchen designer will take into account factors like how frequently you cook, the size of your family and how much storage you require when choosing a layout.


Your kitchen designer will divide your space into three zones for efficacy: prepping, cooking and washing. From here, they’ll be able to tell you which layout will be the most efficient. Considering factors such as your electrical inputs and where gas and hot water will be connected will guide the designer’s decision-making. It’s important to have an idea of where you’d like certain appliances and features, and how you tend to use your kitchen, to assist the design process. 


Where should I place the lights?

Lighting also plays a vital role in the functionality of your kitchen, as if you don’t carefully place light fittings, you can compromise visibility, in turn affecting the safety of your space. Ask your designer to map out the best locations in your kitchen for task lighting, spotlighting and feature lights. Your designer will make their decision based on where your appliances are placed, as well as the three zones of your kitchen. They’ll also be able to suggest the styles and colourways that will best suit your kitchen, based on other design choices you’ve made. 


Should I be thinking about appliances?

Yes! Your kitchen designer will encourage you to start shopping for appliances early, so the joinery can be manufactured to fit around it. They will ask if you would like to keep any existing appliances in your new kitchen. Ask your designer as early as possible about appliances, they’ll be able to show you the best kitchen ideas to lay them out, making note of factors like the width between cabinets and whether or not that shiny new oven will fit when the door is open. 


What is the best colour scheme?

Colour is an important factor, as it can influence the overall mood of your new kitchen. If you’ve got your heart set on all-white, going too bright can result in a modern kitchen that looks organised and may require more attention to keep it looking its best. On the other hand, too much  colour can make your kitchen feel chaotic. 


Speak to your kitchen designer about what colours they believe will work best for you. Their response will be based on factors such as the overall design of your house, how much natural light you get in the space, and the design features or themes you’ve indicated you like. Colour schemes go beyond just cabinets. Your kitchen designer will be able to provide you with their expert opinion on which colour appliances, benchtops and even walls will be best suited to your new kitchen. 


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