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6 Kitchen Design Tips to Inspire Your Renovation

Looking to renovate your kitchen in the next three months but not sure where to start? There are a few key points to check off before you can begin planning the upgrade. Overall design theme and colour palette are two key elements to decide upon before you embark on your kitchen renovation


1. Learn the colour wheel

Having a harmonious colour palette in your kitchen design is important for maintaining a good energy in the space. A great way to decide on a colour palette for your kitchen is having a look at a colour wheel.

A colour wheel is a basic tool in a designer’s kit and, while it can’t be used for everything, it’s a helpful way to get colour inspiration. You could also use it to design your basic colour palette.

There are a couple of ways to use it:

  • Pick a colour from one side of the wheel as your dominant design shade, then pick two more from the opposite side of the wheel
  • Pick one colour as a starting point and choose the two colours sitting on either side of it to provide accents
  • Choose two colours that are directly opposite each other


2. Decide on your layout before anything else

The size of your house, whether you have the budget to knock out walls and completely remodel the kitchen, and the timeline of your renovation will all be factors that help determine the layout of your kitchen. It’s important you decide upon a kitchen layout before you begin purchasing key elements like cabinetry and appliances. 


The layout of your kitchen will play a pivotal role in the functionality of your kitchen. When planning, consider what you’ll use your kitchen for. If it’s simply for preparing meals, perhaps a galley kitchen would be best suited. If you plan on using your kitchen for cooking and entertaining, a one-wall open plan kitchen might suit better. 


Take the time to research and carefully plan your layout before moving on to any other aspects of your kitchen design to ensure maximum efficacy. 


3. Have a kitchen ‘hero’

Deciding on a hero piece, or focal point for your kitchen is a good way to decide on a broader design theme. If you start out knowing you love the idea of a solid marble island bench, or a coloured SMEG fridge, use this as the defining piece and choose everything else to complement it. 


4. Don’t leave your splashback to the very end

Considering your splashback early on in the piece is important, as it is ultimately going to be a quite fundamental kitchen design feature. Recent kitchen design trends have shown ornamental splashbacks like those made of pressed metal or mirrored surfaces can work with a whole host of design themes. Subway tiles are a timeless choice that also match any number of design styles. Another consideration to make is the height of the splashback – will it be short, tall or cover the entire wall?


5. Consider what you’ve already got

A kitchen renovation is a great opportunity to rifle through everything you’re currently hoarding and do a big cull. But most of your kitchen appliances and utensils serve an important purpose, and you wouldn’t have bought them for no reason. When designing your cabinetry and planning how much storage you’ll need, don’t simply opt for a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This is your kitchen, after all. Personalise it to fit what you need. You’ll be thankful for deep drawers for woks and fry pans and shelves with enough space for your slow cooker or air fryer. It is best go though this task in the beginning of the project so that you can manage your kitchen renovation cost.


6. Shortlist your favourite design styles

Do you like modern contemporary kitchens or federation style? Perhaps you like a look that blends old and new. It’s important to decide upon this early on so as to avoid any confusion or delay down the track. Take note of a few styles you like, and do an evaluation of the rest of the house to see which styles marry up the most seamlessly with what you’ve already got. This will ensure design consistency throughout the home.


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