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6 Ways to Increase Your Bench Space

The most effective way to make a difference in your kitchen is to maximise your bench and surface space. This can be done in a variety of ways, including installing custom kitchen cabinets and adding portable furniture, and can totally transform your productivity in the kitchen. Here are six kitchen storage ideas to increase surface area and improve your kitchen functionality. 


1. Induction cooktops and pull out benches 

Induction cooktops have revolutionised kitchen design, doubling as bench space to prepare and fully equipped stovetops. Their design is discrete, meaning from the right angle, no one will know they’re stovetops. Induction cooktops heat up and cool down quickly and are easy to glide pans and pots across. 

Pull out benches are the perfect solution for apartments and small kitchens. There are many options for integrating extra shelving and benches above and around any kitchen space to provide access to preparation. 


2. Incorporate a butler’s pantry 

In need of kitchen storage ideas? A butler’s pantry will allow you to branch out across the kitchen during food preparation. You’ll be able to host guests and large family gatherings at ease and this will create extra room for large households that frequent the kitchen at similar times throughout the day and night. Butler’s pantries are the new necessity for every modern kitchen design as they double as extra space for cooking and storage facilities. 


3. Install an island benchtop 

An island benchtop can double as accessible food preparation space and a tabletop for casual eating and drinking. Contemporary design trends have transformed island benchtops into the main feature of the kitchen design with island sinks, drawers, and storage hidden strategically into the kitchen cabinets. Their open plan design is perfect for anyone who likes to cook or closely entertain guests while cooking. 


4. Wheeled butcher blocks 

Movable furniture has changed functional kitchen design as we know it. With moving bench units, you can be flexible with how you operate in the kitchen. Most moving butcher blocks also double as kitchen cupboards and storage, allowing you to store away infrequently used items such as industrial cleaning products, utensils, and heavy cooking appliances. 


5. Make changes to unused space 

Take a look around your space. Are there any corners, or surfaces that aren’t currently being used? This might be the desk space that extends from the kitchen or maybe your laundry placed next to the kitchen is big enough to adapt. Add an extra bench to these spaces and it’ll make all the difference. These new benches can be used for coffee stations or as storage designed for quality kitchen appliances. 


6. Declutter and install high shelving 

Do you have appliances plugged in that you rarely use? Unplug them and store them away. If you’re all out of storage space, install shelving above your cooktop and bench spaces. Modern kitchen design ideas also make use of ‘dead’ space by adding in vertical spice racks and smart shelving. Maximising space is crucial. 


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