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6 Ways to Increase Your Bench Space

One of the biggest impacts on kitchen productivity and functionality is the available bench and surface space, and increasing this space tops many homeowners wishlists.

Whether you’re doing a DIY project or working with kitchen manufacturers on a full-scale renovation, there are lots of creative solutions to declutter your kitchen and reclaim valuable bench space.

Here are six kitchen storage ideas to increase the surface area and functionality within your kitchen.


1. Induction cooktops and pull out benches 

Induction cooktops have revolutionised kitchen design, doubling as bench space to prepare as well as fully equipped stovetops. 

Their design is discreet, meaning from the right angle, no one will know they’re stovetops. They sit relatively flush to the profile of your bench and are perfect for a minimal, seamless look. 

Pull-out benches are the perfect solution for apartments and small kitchens. Kitchen manufacturers can help to conceal a pull-out bench within your benchtop, pantry or other shelving, giving you extra preparation space when you need it without taking up additional space when you don’t 


2. Incorporate a butler’s pantry 

In need of kitchen storage ideas? A butler’s pantry will allow you to branch out across the kitchen during food preparation. 

Creating a designated home for small appliances that usually live on your bench space, a butler’s pantry helps to declutter your main kitchen area and frees up room around your sink and stovetop. 

Plus, the additional preparation space you gain through a butler’s pantry means that you can have multiple people cooking in the kitchen without getting under each other’s feet.


3. Install an island benchtop 

Not only will an island bench top give you valuable extra bench space, it can also create an additional seating or dining area within your kitchen, too.

Contemporary design trends have transformed island benchtops into a centrepiece of the space, with kitchen manufacturers strategically hiding island sinks, drawers, and storage inside the cabinets underneath. 

All this additional storage means you don’t need to store as much on your benchtop, effectively creating additional bench space on top of the actual island bench itself. 

Installing an island could also be a good opportunity to update your benchtop material for something more durable. An engineered stone option like Smartstone is stain, scratch, chip, heat and fire resistant, not to mention makes a stunning feature in your space.

Opt for a deeper island where space permits, so you can easily accommodate people sitting at the bench without cutting into your preparation space. 


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4. Wheeled butcher blocks 

Offering the convenience of an island bench with the flexibility to move it around as you need it, a wheeled butcher block is a valuable addition to small and large kitchens alike. 

Being on wheels, you can move the butcher block to where you need additional space at any given time.

Plus, most moving butcher blocks also double as kitchen cupboards and storage, allowing you to store away infrequently used items such as industrial cleaning products, utensils, and heavy cooking appliances. 


5. Make changes to unused space 

Take a look around your kitchen. Are there any corners, or surfaces that aren’t currently being used? 

Working with the right kitchen manufacturers, these could be transformed into functional storage for kitchen appliances, a coffee station or even into transitional elements like an integrated study nook in an open plan living zone. 


6. Declutter and install high shelving 

Benchtop appliances are repeat offenders in taking up space without actually being used all that often. 

Unless you’re using something every day, chances are you’d get more use from that space if it was vacant. Unplug any appliances that don’t get used frequently and store these in an easily accessible place (and be sure to throw away any that you can’t justify keeping).

If you’re all out of storage space, ask your kitchen manufacturers to create shelving above your cooktop and bench spaces. Modern kitchen design ideas also make use of ‘dead’ space by adding vertical spice racks and pull-out drawers for deep cupboards.


Whether your kitchen wishlist includes maximising storage, updating the design, optimising layout or all of the above – our team of experts can help to create a kitchen you’ll love. Get in touch with us to discuss your project and ideas, and how we can bring them to life. 
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