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8 Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

The lighting you choose for your custom kitchen is important as it has the responsibility of both setting the mood and being a practical necessity. Given the seemingly endless functions of the kitchen – being a space to unwind and socialise at the end of the day, an entertaining hub and, above all, a food prep space – the lighting in the kitchen should be both subdued to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and bright enough to make cooking a breeze. 


Strategic lighting choice, therefore, is key to a well-designed custom kitchen. Besides function, lighting also gives the kitchen a sense of identity, and can take a seemingly basic kitchen design up a few notches and into modern territory. 


Statement pendant light

A statement pendant light in a prominent location can create a welcome contrast in your kitchen. Pendant lighting should be chosen in a colour and style that complements the design choices you’ve made in the kitchen for your cabinetry and surfaces, but not be totally uniform. A matte black pendant above a marble island bench, for example. 


Row pendant lighting

If you’ve got a large space, a single pendant might be dwarfed by the rest of your kitchen. Choose two or three pendants to hang in a row for a statement look that feels proportionate to the space you’re working with. 


Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting works well if installed inside or behind a bulkhead where it is out of sight, but works to brighten shadowy zones. A long LED light or a number of downlights arranged in a row will illuminate the entire area without drawing focus to the lights themselves. Recessed strip lighting can also be installed underneath upper cabinets to brighten benchtops and your stove area.



Downlights are a staple in home design, as they can be placed in just about any formation of your choosing to create effective task lighting. Some LED downlights are also dimmable, making them a good choice for the kitchen and dining area, as well as more casual dining spaces such as a booth or the island bench.


Track lighting

Track lighting, or rail lights, are a versatile choice for your kitchen. Best for task lighting, a row of track lights can be placed above food prep areas to create better visibility when cooking. The direction of each light can be changed to illuminate different areas in the kitchen that may otherwise have been overshadowed. 



A decorative sconce light works to create a statement whilst illuminating a spot in your kitchen untouched by other lights. A single sconce on a small, otherwise empty wall is an easy way to fill a gap. If your kitchen has a row of windows over a benchtop, 3 – 4 sconces arranged above or in between the windows both look stylish and keep visibility high once the sun goes down.



Table lamps

If your kitchen has a dark corner you want illuminated but you don’t want to commit to installing lighting in the area, a decorative table lamp will give the same effect. Temporarily setting up a lamp on your bench saves time, money, and also means if you need task lighting anywhere in the kitchen, you only have to unplug and move your lamp for better visibility. 



Whilst not a light by design, installing mirrored surfaces in your kitchen will help to illuminate your space and make it appear larger. If you’ve got a particularly small kitchen, installing a mirrored splashback not only gives the appearance of more space, it also reflects light coming in through windows, creating the illusion of space and a brighter, more airy kitchen. 


A kitchen designer will have all the advice, tips and experience to bring your dream custom kitchen to life. Whether it’s deciding where to place lights or if a mirrored splashback is a better choice than natural stone, the Apollo Kitchens team has the knowledge, experience and understanding to create a custom kitchen that’s perfect for your family. 

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