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Accessorising to Accentuate Your Kitchen Design

Complete your kitchen renovation with stylish accessories. From additions to bare countertops to nifty kitchen joinery tricks, the following accessories will make your kitchen feel like the heart of the home.



Bags of sugar and coffee can look untidy, while cereals and grains have a habit of escaping from their boxes. Tidy it all up with a series of canisters. Whether you prefer glass jars or ceramic containers, canisters add character to your kitchen.



Indoor plants are automatic for offices and living rooms, but they also look great in the kitchen. Bring life to your kitchen design by placing planters in woven hangers or prop them up on plant stands.



A room without books is like a body without a soul. Impress your dinner guests with your cultured and tasteful collection, from Anthony Bourdain’s Appetites to New York Times Bestseller Thug Kitchen.



Show off your fancy glassware on open shelves or within glass cabinetry. Another option is to pre-arrange glasses on a ready-to-use serving tray and leave them on the counter.


Hooks, racks & shelves

If you prefer the lived-in look to clean minimalism, you’ll appreciate having your kitchen gear hanging all around you. Put mugs on hooks or hang wine glasses from drying racks. In small kitchens, these accessories also help maximise storage.


Chopping boards

Aside from serving a practical purpose, a quality cutting board will contribute a touch of class to your kitchen. Select a beautiful and high-quality wood such as walnut or maple, or opt for a quirky end grain design. You could even match your chopping board to your kitchen joinery for a cohesive kitchen design.


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