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Adding Value to Your Home Through Small Renovations

After a year spent confined to our homes, chances are you came up with a long list of changes and improvements you’d like to make to each room. 

While we all dream of renovating to create our perfect home, budget restraints often mean these plans stay as just that – dreams. 

But updating your home to add functionality and value is a lot more achievable than you might think. There are several different ways to give the rooms of your house a facelift without any significant structural work. 

From small kitchen renovations in Sydney to updates to your bathroom, bedroom and beyond, here are our favourite affordable ways to add value to your home.


The kitchen 

Making up the largest component of your kitchen – and thus having the largest impact – is your cabinetry. Updating your cupboards is one of the quickest ways to change the look and feel of your kitchen – and this can be achieved through something as simple as a coat of paint. 

If you have the room in your budget, replacing the cabinetry (particularly in older homes) will significantly extend your kitchen’s lifespan. Other popular small kitchen renovations in Sydney include replacing the benchtop with more durable material, updating the backsplash, swapping out the fittings and finishes, or installing new appliances.


The bathroom 

With so much tiling in the space, regrouting can be a hugely impactful update to your bathroom. Substantially cheaper than replacing the tiles, regrouting can make your bathroom feel like new again. Depending on the tile, you could also paint over it to update the look on a budget.

Got a bit more spend to play with? Replace your enclosed shower with frameless glass and remove the base. This immediately makes the bathroom feel more modern and has a bigger impact than updates to the vanity or bathtub. 

If this is beyond your budget, a compromise could be to update your shower fixtures and tapware. Stainless steel, chrome or matte black tapware are popular finishes that can breathe some new life into the space. 


The bedroom 

The quickest way to update enclosed rooms like bedrooms is with a coat of paint. A bright neutral shade like off-white can help cover any wear and tear on the walls and lends well to various design styles. 

Updating your lighting can also change the feel of your bedrooms. A pendant light or statement fixture can add some drama and style to the room while replacing bedside lamps with hanging lights will elevate the space. 


The living room 

Perhaps where you spend the most time in the home, it’s natural that the living room will begin to show the signs of use more quickly than other rooms in the home. 

Furniture and flooring are usually the first elements to deteriorate, but they’re also some of the easiest to refresh. A deep clean of your carpet or rug is often enough to make it feel new again while reupholstering a worn couch or ottoman can eliminate the need for new furniture. 

Where you’re willing to invest a little more, a built-in unit can take on multiple roles in the space while allowing you to customise your storage solution for the room. Whether it’s to create an entertainment hub for your television and electronics, alternative desk space for those working from home, or even to incorporate a fireplace, a built-in replaces the need for furniture and is often much more functional.
This can also tie into the joinery in other rooms of your house and be included in a small kitchen renovation in Sydney.

Custom joinery can transform multiple rooms in your home and is often more affordable than you might think. To discuss custom solutions for your home, get in touch with us today. 
In the meantime, access our 2021 Design Trends eBook for inspiration.
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