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Advice for First-Time Kitchen Renovators

Your first time renovating your kitchen is full of so much excitement. A kitchen renovation is no small project without the help of others. We’re here to guide you through this exciting time and help you achieve your kitchen renovation goals. Follow our advice, tips and tricks to ensure you’re well prepared for everything to come. 


Allow time 

The fact is that it’s not going to be like you see on the home renovation tv shows. Custom kitchen renovations are complicated and time-consuming of all home redevelopments.  


The first thing to consider is, do you have time on your side? Are there any events scheduled that you can’t cancel, is there a chance you’ll need to find other accommodation during your renovation? 


Once you’ve met with a professional and have an idea of how long the project is likely to take, don’t stall. Gather the quotes you need and start your research on your kitchen remodel. 


Create a budget 

One of the biggest mistakes you might make is not setting aside a budget for your kitchen renovation project. Unless you have copious amounts of money to spend, the reality of your exciting kitchen project might turn sour when you’re down to your last $1k one week into the project. 


Plan for unexpected expenses and think of this bank of money as project insurance. Accidents, delays, and frequent changes of mind do happen. You’ll be thankful you planned for it with a budget. To reduce the pressure of an upfront expense, you can consider Interest Free finance options.



Find out what you’ll be needing for this kitchen renovation project. This might include: 


  • Multiple quotes 
  • The council’s approval to renovate
  • Giving your neighbours a heads up about the noise 
  • Firing up the barbeque for a few days
  • Locating suitable professionals in your area 
  • Supervisors or project managers on the project 
  • Shelter for your pets so they’re away from the construction
  • A clear idea of how you want your kitchen design to look and feel  


Have patience 

During this time you’ll also need to have patience. Renovations almost always take longer than you imagine to complete, especially if it includes multiple custom kitchen features. If things don’t go to plan or you’re losing some of your inspiration contact us. We’re here to help you get the perfect kitchen design you’ve always dreamed of. 


Ask questions

You’ll never be short of questions during your custom kitchen renovation. You should get multiple opinions from those who know your taste. If you’re in need of answers from the professionals, download our free eBook. It’s full of design inspiration, advice, and testimonials. 


Know your DIY limit

Don’t try to do it all yourself the first time around. This will set you back in time and money and might even do more damage to your foundations. Contact a qualified team of trades, designers and project managers. Doing this will ensure your first kitchen remodel goes perfectly and remains relatively stress-free. 


Contacting Apollo Kitchens to help you during this time will mean you always have an experienced project manager working with you throughout the renovation. 


Our award-winning designers will help select and produce the best kitchen cabinets and joinery for your home. When you work with us there’s no question too big or small. Kitchens are our passion and we’re happy to be a part of this exciting time in your life. 

Working with Apollo Kitchens will ensure two things. Your custom kitchen will be designed to delight and built to last. Meet our award-winning designers by visiting our kitchen showrooms in the Central Coast, Hunter and Sydney regions to get started on your custom kitchen journey. 

To kickstart your kitchen renovation, make a booking for a video consultation with an expert Apollo Kitchens team member today.

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