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How To Work A Breakfast Bar Into Your Kitchen Design

Breakfast bars are a versatile inclusion to any design. A place to sit, talk, do homework, eat breakfast – all within arm’s reach of your kitchen.

A great breakfast bar will bring your family together in the heart of the home, while keeping them out from under your feet when cooking.

There are a few ways to incorporate a breakfast bar in your kitchen – we take a look at a few below.

Incorporate Into Your Island

Creating a breakfast bar as part of your kitchen island is a logical choice, and makes your island multi-functional.

It’s great for talking to the kids over breakfast or for entertaining, as you’re able to socialise while getting on with your preparation or cooking.

It’s also easy to implement a breakfast bar-kitchen island hybrid with little additional design work. This creates a secondary dining space and maximises the room you have available.


The Drop-Down

The drop-down breakfast bar is a perfect space-saver for smaller homes, where a separate dining space may not always be practical.

This creates a functional and friendly spot for kids’ homework or family meals. Just a few steps from the kitchen, serving becomes a breeze.

Go for a similar material to your benchtop to tie it in with the kitchen. Alternatively, pick a contrasting material (like wood) to break up the look.


Raise It Up

Taking the opposite approach, a raised breakfast bar is great for breaking up your kitchen and dining space.

It’s a great choice for smaller benches, as you can create the elevated breakfast bar without sacrificing any valuable bench space.

By lifting up the surface, you can also conceal appliances and hide your preparation or dishes from those passing by.

Create A New Space

If your kitchen hugs walls or your floorplan doesn’t allow for a breakfast bar as is, continuing the kitchen through creating a new breakfast bar space can be a good alternative.

This keeps guests out of your way and creates a mini-division into cooking and entertaining spaces, without losing the adjacency that a breakfast bar offers.

The separation also gives you an opportunity to mix up your materials. In the kitchen below, the client opted to introduce a wooden element. This paired perfectly with their white and bright colour palette.


Feeling inspired to add a breakfast bar into your kitchen? Visit a showroom near you to discuss your kitchen design with one of the Apollo Kitchens team.

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