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Colour Palettes & Trends for Your Kitchen Design

When it comes to choosing hues for your new kitchen, there are a number of factors to consider. The chief being ‘will this colour date?’ We’re here to tell you your kitchen design doesn’t have to be a wash of bland whites and masculine blacks.


Colourful kitchens with harmonic palettes can be both trendy and timeless, and we’ve listed out those that are having a moment right now. 


Grand greens

This year has seen an emergence of green glory in kitchen design. Deep forest greens paired with monochromatic black and white work to create a sense of modern opulence that makes a statement in the home. The addition of contrasting tones, brass finishings and touches of marble in lighting, worktops and accessories brings light to the space, maintaining a sense of brightness despite the deep hue.  


Pastel greens have also been seen in coastal homes, applying the same design principles as their moodier counterpart to bring a sense of refined, seaside harmony.


Bold blues

Navy is one of the more popular colour choices in kitchen design, for its versatility and adaptability to style. You’ll find navy tones in contemporary and traditional kitchens, largely thanks to the fact that it matches a variety of metals. Opting for navy in your kitchen design is an easy way to achieve a less intimidating masculine feel than black. 


As with green, pale blue is also having a moment in kitchen design, often seen in spaces with modern classic aesthetics.


Pared-back black

More and more homeowners are opting for monochromatic matte blacks in their kitchen design. Breaking up the monotony of black cabinetry can be done by opting for panelled cupboard doors, addition of contrasting hardware and surfaces. 


Trending tonal

Another kitchen design trend to watch is the inclusion of tonal shades like blush and bone. Whilst blush pink can be seen as inherently feminine, inclusion of light wooden textures and white surfaces work to offset the colour’s impact and create a vibrant yet neutral style. 


Confused or concerned about what colour scheme to choose for your upcoming kitchen renovation? The experienced team of designers at Apollo Kitchens are here to help. Contact us for a consult today. 

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