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Getting the Most Out of a Partial Kitchen Renovation

If your budget is on the smaller side and you’re looking to renovate your kitchen in a short time frame, a partial renovation may be the best option for you. Depending on the areas of your kitchen that require the most urgent attention, you may find a partial renovation is all you need to get the feeling of a totally new space.


Plan carefully

Careful planning and execution of your partial kitchen renovation is paramount to ensure the pieces you do replace serve their purpose well. Take the time to properly assess what is worth replacing as opposed to what you’d just like to get rid of. Doing so will mean you’ll ultimately get your money’s worth. Plus, if you’re renovating with the view of selling, your partial kitchen renovation will add to your home’s value. 


Planning is also important to avoid further costs down the line. Replacing some items without careful consideration could lead to damaging others and having a knock-on effect. Installing new cabinets or a new sink will require a bit of work with plumbing, so it’s best to map out any pain points and assess the best way forward before you go ahead and rip out any cupboards. Focusing on the logical order of repairs or replacements will also allow you to identify what you can achieve now, and what there is to do later on when you may have a bigger budget. 


Choose hero pieces

When only renovating certain aspects of the kitchen, choosing a select number of ‘hero’ pieces can elevate the space tenfold. These can include a stone island bench, a mosaic splashback or a high-end appliance. Coupled with pared-back cabinetry, a hero piece will stand out and, depending what it is, bring a sense of opulence to your kitchen.


Be careful not to blow your whole budget on your hero piece, however. Shop around for items that can elevate your kitchen design and serve their purpose well. A true hero will be an item that has a number of functions, like an island bench with storage. Another great investment is a smart fridge with plenty of functionality like a water tap and ice machine. 


Install timeless additions

Choosing kitchen pieces that will stand the test of time is a given. But when you’ve only got a small budget to work with, you want to ensure the pieces you’re installing aren’t going to date. If the scope of your kitchen renovation is new cabinets, get them in shades of white or grey. The same goes for splashbacks. A white subway tile is a much safer option than a mosaic. 


Opting for neutral kitchen colour schemes also ensures you’ve got scope for future kitchen design updates. These could come in the form of accessories or furniture – items that you have a bit more flexibility to replace when you feel your kitchen could use another small facelift. 


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Speaking to an experienced Apollo Kitchens designer will also give you the confidence to get started with your partial kitchen renovation.

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