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Granite or Quartz? Here’s What You Should Know

In kitchen design, the hero of any space is most often the benches. Choosing a material that looks beautiful, feels durable and fits within your budget can be tricky, especially given current trends of stunning natural carrara marble and the like. 

Luckily, getting the look and feel of a stone benchtop has never been easier and more cost-effective than now, thanks to the seemingly endless budget-friendly options that include granite and quartz. 


They’re naturally hardy

Granite is cut in its natural state then polished for use in homes. Naturally resilient, granite is a strong material that is scratch and heat proof. 

Quartz benchtops are also fabricated out of their naturally occurring state. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals, and is non-porous, making it a suitable choice for benchtops. 


They’re easy to maintain

Quartz is non-porous, giving it antibacterial qualities, meaning it’s easy to clean and maintain. This also means quartz benchtops do not require sealing.

Granite requires slightly more maintenance than quartz to prevent staining due to the nature of the material. That said, often all this means is wiping it down with warm soapy water.


They’re naturally beautiful

Granite forms in a number of beautiful, natural shades, meaning you can design your kitchen around your benchtop, or you can choose one to complement the kitchen design choices you’ve made. Depending on their mineral composition, granites usually come in pink, white and grey tones. 

Quartz colour options are seemingly endless, with natural white, black and brown toned available, or for those with different tastes, there are also stunning gold and blue options. Quartz benchtops can make a stunning statement in your kitchen, and can also be the quiet achiever of the overall design, depending on which hue you choose. 


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