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5 Elements You Need to Nail the Hamptons Kitchen Style

Many of us dream of living the breezy coastal life – but if you live in the land-locked suburbs, a Hamptons-style kitchen could be the answer.

Inspired by the signature style of beach houses in in upstate New York’s getaway Hamptons area, the Hamptons style has come to embody everything we love about coastal chic with class.

While a Hamptons style kitchen design traditionally has a specific look and feel to it, there is of course always room to move and to tailor the style to your personal taste. That being said, here are the top five things to include in your take on the Hamptons kitchen style:

Paint it white

The calling card of the Hamptons style is its signature white colour palette. The white makes the most of natural light in the space, reminiscent of beachside living.

If stark white doesn’t appeal to you, go for light pastel tones instead. This gives your space a more lived-in feel, and can be less visually confronting than going for the all-white look.


Statement lighting

Lighting is a key element of Hamptons kitchens, as much about the look and finish of the fixtures as their functionality.

Oversized, textured pendant lighting is the perfect way to invoke the timeless chic of this style – think textures of cloth or woven cane to keep a coastal element to the statement. Bonus points for any nautical elements.

Tiled splashback

Subway tiles are a perfect choice for your Hamptons-inspired splashback. While white is the obvious choice here, subway tiles are available in a wide range of colours and shapes to suit your look.

A pastel colour is a nice way to break up a predominantly white kitchen; alternatively, go for a darker navy or charcoal to create a striking contrast that still plays into the warmth of the style.

Textured benchtop

The benchtop is a central feature of your kitchen, and is your chance to stamp your Hamptons style on the space. For a classic Hamptons look, you can go one of two ways – marble or timber.

A marble look benchtop amps up the drama and sophistication of your kitchen, and is a timeless look. It’s relatively easy to clean and maintain, too, if you’re not looking for any extra maintenance.

On the other hand, a timber finish continues the coastal theme and will tie together the other natural textures you’ve used in your kitchen.

Shaker cabinets and open shelving

‘Shaker’ style cabinetry comes from 18th century England, but is easily identified by its frame around the main panel. This classic look is relatively simple and can be achieved by an inset panel within your cabinetry profile.

Open shelves allow for a decorative touch; vintage pieces make for a cohesive look. Hide away clutter in cane baskets for a further Hamptons touch.

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