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Should You Ditch Handles in Your New Kitchen?

Handleless kitchen ideas are fast emerging as the most popular option for those who want a streamlined, minimalist look for their kitchen renovations. Homeowners are loving the clean and effortless appeal of uninterrupted joinery. There are a number of ways to achieve the handleless look in your kitchen design, and we’ve rounded them up for you. 


Overhead cabinets

Overhead cabinet doors hang down further than the cabinet’s internal elements, creating a lip that allows you to pull them open and closed. Push-to-touch mechanisms can also be fitted on your overheads for a more seamless finish.


True handleless

True handleless cabinets have continuous rails built in that sit behind each door and drawer front, creating a space that allows you to grip it easily. The continuous rail means cabinet doors remain uninterrupted, sitting flush with the rest of the joinery. 


Moulded finger pulls

Also known as shark tooth pulls, the moulded finger pull style has a channel routed into the top edge of the door or drawer, creating a small lip.

This style requires no additional hardware, making it a cost-effective solution. 


Aluminium finger pulls

Similar in appearance to moulded finger pulls, aluminium pulls involve a J-shape handle in the form of a piece of moulded aluminium applied to the top of each door and drawer front. 

These create a streamlined effect, however are not always suited to every material as they require a small channel to be routed into the top of the door. 


Push-to-open cabinets

Push-to-open mechanics can be either magnetic or electric, depending on your budget. Having push-to-open mechanics allows your cupboard doors and drawers to sit flush without any gaps. 


If you’re not completely sold on a handleless kitchen, U-shaped finger pulls are another great option. These allow a seamless kitchen design that is user-friendly for the whole family. 


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